February 6, 2023

A recent malware attack aimed at stealing private banking information against Zoom users has been shut down.

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This malware was identified by experts atCyble Research and Intelligence Lab, While Fox News Digital was told that the website hosting the malicious download is no longer available, experts warned Zoom users to be aware of future attacks.

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What does this malware do?

The malware, dubbed IcedID, has been put into action by threat actors actively spreading it by using a modified version of the Zoom app. This has impacted a large number of businesses as Zoom has grown in popularity, especially among companies transitioning to working from home at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The malware acts as a loader (a type of malware used to install other malware onto computers) by stealing the companies’ private information and dumping other malware onto their employees’ computers.

This means it is stealing sensitive information and may install other unwanted software that may cause further damage. This can cause significant damage to affected businesses as they may lose valuable information and suffer additional security breaches or system outages.

In addition to being a loader, IcedID can also download additional modules from the Internet and deliver other malware families, making it difficult for users to get rid of malware once it is embedded in the computer. Once downloaded, its main purpose is to steal private banking credentials.

How is malware spread?

The most common way IcedID spreads among users is through the presence of spam emails. The malware hides in email attachments within malicious office documents. However, these Zoom hackers this time tried a new technique that many were not prepared for.


They use a explorezoom.com website Deliver malware.This is an ForgedA website masquerading as an official Zoom domain with the sole purpose of spreading IcedID malware.The page tells users that to use Zoom, they must download a program calledZoomInstallerFull.exe. This file will download the actual Zoom application to distract users from realizing that the IcedID malware is also being downloaded onto their devices.

How can I protect myself from IcedID?

The best way to protect yourself from malware of any kind is to install high-quality antivirus protection on your device. You can install it on your phone, tablet and laptop. If you’re someone who works from home and uses equipment provided by your employer, it’s a good idea for you to make this suggestion to your company.

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Have you or someone you know been hit by this malware called IcedID? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect that no malware attack is currently underway.

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