February 6, 2023

For all of you who take pride in playing Quordle, the five-letter word game known for being four times as difficult as Wordle, your word quest is right on. Iconic dictionary brand Merriam-Webster has acquired the popular online puzzle game, it announced Thursday.

Encyclopaedia Britannica-owned Merriam-Webster quietly snapped up the game, which launched shortly after Wordle became an online phenomenon in late 2021.

Quordle has a lot in common with Wordle. Wordle asks you to solve five-letter word puzzles in five guesses, while Quordle asks you to solve four five-word puzzles simultaneously in nine tries.

A typical Quordle result that you can share without revealing the answer. Yes, it’s a lot like Wordle…but harder. (Image source: Future)

Both give you the standard virtual keyboard, and after you enter your five-letter word guess, the letters appear on all four word pads. The correct letter in the correct position is green, and the correct letter in the wrong position is orange. Yes, like Wordle.

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