February 21, 2024

Less than two weeks after ChatGPT debuted, a panel of executives from Google’s senior technical review board, which includes Jeff Dean, the company’s senior vice president for research and artificial intelligence, and Kent Walker, Google’s president of global affairs and chief legal officer, met to discuss According to the slide presentation, their company’s initiatives.

They reviewed plans for products expected to debut at Google’s corporate conference in May, including Image Generation Studio, which creates and edits images, and the third version of AI Test Kitchen, an experimental app for testing product prototypes.

Other image and video projects in the works include a feature called “Shopping and Fitting,” a YouTube green-screen feature for creating backgrounds; a wallpaper maker for Pixel smartphones; and an app called Maya that can Visualize shoes in three dimensions; according to the slides, there is also a tool that can summarize a video by generating a new one.

Google has a list of artificial intelligence programs it plans to make available to software developers and other companies, including image-creation technology, which could boost revenue for Google’s cloud unit. According to the introduction, there are also tools that can help other businesses create their own AI prototypes in the Internet browser, called MakerSuite, which will have two “Pro” versions.

According to the presentation, Google also hopes to release in May a tool called Colab + Android Studio to simplify the process of building apps for Android smartphones, which will generate, complete and fix code. Another code generation and completion tool called PaLM-Coder 2 is also in use.

Google executives want to reaffirm their company’s status as an AI pioneer. The company has been actively working on AI for the past decade and has already offered a handful of chatbots that rival ChatGPT, called LaMDA, or Language Model for Conversational Applications.

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