April 12, 2024

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S23, its next-generation flagship device series, at an event on February 1. Viewers at home can tune in directly to Samsung, where TechRadar will be in San Francisco to check out new phones live, which could include the Galaxy S23 Plus and the 200MP-capable Galaxy S23 Ultra.

If you’ve decided you want Samsung’s next big thing, the pre-order sale has started and will run until the end of the event. Samsung didn’t share details up front, but you can get $50 or $100 in store credit if you commit to buying one or two new devices, respectively. You don’t need to pay in advance, just give them your name and email address.

The event invite looks an awful lot like the triple-hole camera cutout we’ve seen on leaked renders and images of the Galaxy S23 phone, making it look more like the Galaxy S22 Ultra design, pictured above.

(Image source: Samsung)

The launch of the Galaxy S23 was the first major phone announcement of the year, and it arguably set the standard for other manufacturers to leapfrog. Qualcomm has been loudly hinting that every Galaxy S23 device will use its next-generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, and we’ve even heard it could bring a speed boost to Samsung’s flagship.

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