February 8, 2023

Your kitchen will soon be more sophisticated than any other room in your home. An oven that uses artificial intelligence to keep food from burning, a smart blender that works for you, and a color-changing refrigerator are the standouts of the kitchen of the future at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

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Innovative technologies emerging in 2023 are changing the way we prepare, assemble and cook food. While we often talk about how to make your home smarter by swapping gadgets for “smarter” ones, these new products are taking everyone’s favorite room to the next level.

The CyberGuy team is in Las Vegas for CES 2023. We’re looking at all the new tech coming this year and beyond, trust us – your kitchen is about to heat up.

Kitchen tech wants to change the way we think

Custom AI Oven Won’t Let You Burn Dinner

Check out the custom AI oven.

Have you ever wanted to see a live image of your food as it cooks in the oven? Maybe not. Samsung, however, brings us the ability to peek at any temperature every time it’s baked. They’ve launched a new line of Bespoke Lineup kitchen appliances, including this smart oven with a built-in camera, so you no longer have to open the door to let out the heat to check how your food looks while it’s cooking.

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The AI ​​oven includes a professional cooking system that uses cameras inside to tell when your food is burning or ready to take out. You can also integrate your oven with the Samsung SmartThings Cooking app to get recommended recipes based on your dietary goals or ingredients at home, making cooking even easier.

The Bespoke AI Oven will be available in the US by the end of 2023 and is already available to order in Europe.

GE profile smart blender with auto-sensing to measure every ingredient

Here are some smart mixers with new features.

Here are some smart mixers with new features.

Baking is arguably the hardest skill in the kitchen. Unlike other cooking tasks, it requires precision in the kitchen. Measuring ingredients becomes more important and timing is everything. GE is ready to make things easier for everyone with a new gadget they call America’s smartest blender.

The blender has a built-in smart scale, so you get precise weights for your ingredients to make sure your measurements are accurate. Auto Sense technology doesn’t just tell when your measurements are accurate – it also tells exactly when ingredients are mixed. Imagine using a regular stand mixer to make whipped cream, accidentally leaving it on for too long and it ends up being butter.

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This blender takes the guesswork out and is designed for hands-free use, leaving you more time to work on other projects in the kitchen. You can control options and follow step-by-step instructions on your smartphone, making the machine’s button feel more seamless and straightforward. The GE Profile Smart Mixer costs less than $1,000 and is available to order now beginning January 2023.

LG MoodUP color-changing refrigerator boldly pops out or fades into the background

Check out this color changing refrigerator.

Check out this color changing refrigerator.

Another appliance you probably didn’t even know you wanted was a color-changing refrigerator. LG doesn’t just want to change the aesthetic of your kitchen, it wants to change your mood as well. The refrigerator has 4 panels and you can choose the color or choose a theme such as “season” or “cure”.

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If colorful refrigerators aren’t your style, you can opt for the Lux Gray/Lux White combo and simply use the refrigerator’s features like a built-in Bluetooth speaker or voice recognition. Still, if you want the colors to change to the beat of the music your fridge is playing over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, the colors are a more interesting option.

The refrigerator light also has some interesting features, such as blinking when someone enters the kitchen, or alerting you with a blinking light if the refrigerator door is accidentally opened. The MoodUP name pays homage to the soothing colors you can choose from to change the mood of your kitchen to a more relaxed one. Speaking of ambiance, the fridge is equipped with LG’s Craft Ice Maker, so you can chill your cocktails with a perfectly round large cube of ice. MoodUP refrigerators expected to go on sale in the US later this spring

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