February 9, 2023

Google Maps and Apple Maps allow anyone to spy on you and invade your privacy by posting clear photos of the front of your house or aerial photos of your property on their websites and apps.

Google has run into legal trouble amid growing concerns about people’s privacy. These include multiple instances of people taking pictures through windows without realizing it.

A community in Minnesota managed to get Google to delete all photos of their house, something you can do yourself. You can also ask Google to blur images of your car, license plate, and perhaps most importantly, yourself.

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A blurry screenshot of a home visible online.
(Google Map)

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How to Take a Photo of Your Home with Google Maps on Your Computer


Enter your home address in the search field

Here's how to view your own home on Google Maps.

Here’s how to view your own home on Google Maps.
(Google Map)

  • Click on your home photo in the upper right corner
A Google Maps graphic showing houses and their locations.

A Google Maps graphic showing houses and their locations.
(Google Map)

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  • See if your home is visible
Typical Google Street View screenshot.

Typical Google Street View screenshot.
(Google Map)

  • click report a problem in the small text in the lower left corner
  • Make sure what you want to blur out of the picture is in the center of the black and red box
Follow the steps below to delete Google Street View imagery.

Follow the steps below to delete Google Street View imagery.
(Google Map)

  • under vague requestchoose what you want to blur: a face, my home, my car/license plate or other object
  • Enter any additional information in the boxes provided to help them understand what you want to blur and why
  • Enter a work email address
  • click i am not a robot button
  • click submit

After submitting your request to have your home blurred, you should receive a confirmation email asking you to do any verification. After a few days, it’s worth checking to see if your house is still visible. One thing worth remembering is that if you have any doubts, blurring your house on Google Maps is permanent.

How to Take Photos of Your Home Outside of Apple Maps

To take photos of your home from Apple Maps, you need do so in writingand “Request a review of faces, license plates, or your own house.” The email address to access Apple Maps is

Have you successfully removed your home from Google or Apple Maps? let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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