February 6, 2023

Ford reported Thursday that its New car sales down 2% Production of its trucks and sport utility vehicles will slow in 2022 due to computer chip shortages and other supply disruptions.

The automaker said it sold 1.85 million cars and light trucks and 13,539 heavy-duty trucks in the United States last year.

Ford’s sales decline is in sync with most other automakers. Overall, the industry will sell about 13.8 million new vehicles in 2022, about 1 million fewer than in 2021, according to market research firm Edmunds. On Wednesday, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Stellantis reported sharp sales declines for 2022. General Motors was an exception: Its new-vehicle sales rose 2.5 percent to 2.3 million vehicles.

Over the past two years, automakers around the world have been hampered by a shortage of semiconductors, the tiny brains in the electronics that control a car’s engine, transmission, display and other major components. Chip shortages have eased in 2022, but other supply issues have been caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, which has at times disrupted production of key components in China and Southeast Asia.

Supply issues have limited the number of pickups Ford can produce, and sales of its F-Series trucks fell 10 percent to 653,957 units, although the F-Series remains the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. market.

One bright spot for Ford was the F-150 Lightning, an electric pickup it unveiled last spring. The company said it sold 15,617 Lightnings in 2022, lower than expected, as it ramped up production of the car’s battery packs.

Ford also said it has sold 6,500 electric delivery vans. Sales of the electric SUV Mustang Mach E rose 45 percent to 39,458 units.

The company is counting on a surge in sales of electric vehicles to drive growth this year. The automaker is building two battery plants in Kentucky, a third in Tennessee and a new electric truck plant.

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