February 21, 2024

Whether you received a new Apple iPhone 14 for the holidays or are considering an upgrade, accessories can help you use it seamlessly.

For example, Apple’s iPhone 14 models don’t come with charging adapters, so users may need to consider other methods.

Here are five of the hottest iPhone accessories of 2023.

1. Power bank

Portable power banks can help charge your phone and AirPods at the same time. Easy to carry without dragging down your iPhone.

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iPhone with app icons.
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2. Apple AirPods

The third-generation AirPods feature personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, adaptive EQ, and longer battery life. Apple also boasts HD voice quality for FaceTime, and the AirPods and MagSafe charging case are sweat and water resistant.

3. An AirTag

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Mobile power devices.

Mobile power devices.
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AirTag tracking devices can help track cell phones (especially older models that don’t support the FindMy app) and other accessories, as well as find luggage at airports. Some cases have pockets for AirTags.

4. The charging case ensures that iPhone users will not run out of power easily.

The case with charger ensures hours of extra charging without having to carry a power bank and lightning cable. Consider this: the more powerful the battery, the heavier the case. Available in different capacities.

A woman holds a mobile phone decorated with a Stars and Stripes PopSocket.

A woman holds a mobile phone decorated with a Stars and Stripes PopSocket.
(Reuters/Jenna Moon)

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5. Phone grip

Phone grips like PopSockets are relatively cheap and customizable. Get it at stores like Target and Paper Source. Additionally, they help stabilize the user’s grip on the iPhone, which is especially useful for taking pictures. But beware they leave a sticky residue!

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