February 28, 2024

How is Intel doing in 2022? In many ways, it’s been a rollercoaster year for Team Blue, with highs and notable lows. Let’s dive right in and see where Intel has made good progress this year, and where it’s off track differently (or more).

Raptors get away with it

In early 2022, Intel made progress in regaining desktop market share from AMD thanks to strong Alder Lake processor sales, followed by new 13th-generation CPUs later in the year.

Intel launches its Raptor Lake processors in October 2022, or at least the first desktop CPUs led by the flagship Core i9-13900K. Although this is “just” an Alder Lake update on paper, the 13th-gen newcomer adds a lot of oomph to and above Intel’s 12th-gen. Raptor Lake is equipped with more efficient cores, it has increased cache, and the overall performance is well improved over Alder Lake.

(Image source: Future)

The flagship 13900K in particular blew us away with multi-core performance and is a very good heavyweight chip, and while it’s power hungry it’s clearly not cheap. Further down the Raptor Lake lineup, though, there are some CPUs that are also great, with the Core i5-13600K proving to be a more affordable option that offers great gaming performance at an excellent value proposition.

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