February 21, 2024
How to get a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Marketing in 2023

To compete with the services offered by reputable firms, startups or businesses entering this service industry need top-tier technology.

Virtual phone lines are useful to these businesses since they want to combine multiple benefits under one roof. It’s essential to have a virtual number for your company account, especially as more companies join WhatsApp.

Many firms use in-house contact centers or outsourced contact center management to maintain efficient communication.

WhatsApp Business is regularly used for business by more than 5 million companies. This highlights how important a virtual phone number is for WhatsApp marketing messages if you wish to contact more folks there.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • A quick overview of virtual phone numbers
  • top WhatsApp virtual phone number providers (Web & Apps Based)
  • How to acquire a Whatsapp virtual phone number
  • Choosing a virtual phone number provider for WhatsApp: Things to think about

Let’s get going!

What do WhatsApp Virtual Phone Numbers look like?

A virtual phone number, in contrast to a genuine phone number from your local phone service provider, is not associated with a specific location.

Virtual phone numbers are often used on devices that can make phone calls, connect to the internet, and download programmes.

Businesses that use virtual phone lines for their WhatsApp services may reap additional benefits from them.

Because of this, business customers of this well-known instant messaging service who do not need unique phone numbers can easily set up WhatsApp business accounts by using virtual phone numbers.

It makes sense for businesses to migrate to WhatsApp via a virtual phone number because it has over 2 billion active users.

Contact centers are operating differently as a result of virtual telephony. Several companies may have an advantage over competing service providers thanks to WhatsApp’s virtual phone lines.

It also provides live chat, one of the greatest ways to engage with customers wherever they are.

The current virtual phone numbers available on this instant messaging platform are easy to use.

You can easily deploy WhatsApp by doing the following by working with the service provider on the virtual number:

The benefits of using virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp:

After emails, WhatsApp and SMS are the second-most popular means of business contact with clients and customers.

To fully utilize this technology, businesses can employ virtual numbers for WhatsApp marketing in a number of ways, such as:

1. Customer interaction: 

Sending WhatsApp SMS to busy users is simple, and messages may be customized for each recipient. Therefore, by using virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp, businesses may enhance customer communication.

2. Marketing & advertising: 

Using WhatsApp, it is simple to attract the attention of both current and potential clients. Because of this, companies can run promotions and marketing campaigns using this instant messaging service rather than virtual phone lines.

3. Customer service:

Virtual phone lines for WhatsApp help with customer service by handling and resolving issues as they arise.

4. Internal communication: 

Since everyone in the office uses WhatsApp for personal purposes, using fake phone numbers for it is simple and straightforward. It makes trustworthy internal communication possible.

Nowadays, people register for social networking sites and instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and many others using virtual phone numbers.

For companies wanting to keep their personal and professional lives apart, the rules of the game have fundamentally changed.

Obtaining a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Business:

People are having trouble avoiding scam calls and keeping their privacy since there are so many phony phone numbers that are populating the Whatsapp group.

WhatsApp is removing accounts that were activated using bogus phone numbers and enforcing strict security measures when creating new accounts, so things are changing.

Due to fraud and privacy concerns, the majority of consumers are still unwilling to use their regular phone numbers from their local phone carriers for Whatsapp.

  1. Begin adding new or existing virtual phone numbers to WhatsApp.
  2. Select the nation.
  3. the virtual phone number, please.
  4. An authentication code is delivered to the virtual number service provider.
  5. Enter the verification code to use WhatsApp on virtual numbers.


Thanks to virtual phone number providers, getting a WhatsApp number online is now simpler than ever.

These service providers give a wide range of phone numbers from more than a hundred different nations. Thus, you can obtain phone numbers for any nation of your choosing, which is already more than a conventional phone number can provide.

Selecting the ideal platform requires caution. To help you choose a platform, we’ve included a few important considerations above.

The bulk SMS service provider is a reliable and intriguing platform among virtual phone number suppliers.

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