February 21, 2024

Twitter users everywhere said they were experiencing service issues on Wednesday night, days after Elon Musk said he had shut down one of the company’s data centers in Sacramento. According to Down Detector, the issues were mainly targeting users of the company’s desktop computer user website, while some complained of problems with its mobile app as well.

The cause of the outage is not yet known. Some users reported that they were logged out of Twitter, while others said they were unable to view replies to their tweets but could access other parts of the service. Other users said they encountered error messages when scrolling through the timeline, the main feed of tweets people see when they log into Twitter.

According to Down Detector, a service that monitors network outages, the error began around 7 p.m. ET. The hashtag #TwitterDown has trended on the platform as users reported their experience with the outage.

“Twitter’s problems are multi-country and widespread,” said Isik Mater, director of research at NetBlocks, an internet monitoring service. “The platform API is affected, which serves many aspects of the mobile app as well as the desktop site,” she added, referring to the interface Twitter runs on.

Mr Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in late October, say saturday Twitter continued to run smoothly, “even after I disconnected one of the more sensitive server racks.” The billionaire has been focused on reducing Twitter’s costs, canceling contracts with suppliers, laying off staff and reducing the company’s real estate footprint.

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