January 29, 2023

We’ve all heard about the unintended consequences of Apple’s AirTags being used by stalkers and thieves to track people. The company has released several updates that it claims will improve user security. Still, so far, nothing has been done to reduce the risk.

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However, Apple has been working overtime to help prevent malicious AirTag users from being tracked, and released an update with more accurate tools to help you find and locate unwanted AirTags nearby.

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What does Apple’s latest update do?

Apple’s latest update improves the Find exactly. AirTags have included this feature since they were first released. However, previously only your registered AirTags could be found. Now it can identify unknown AirTags that are tracking you without your knowledge.

The knowledge to stay safe with AirTags.

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Your iPhone will alert you if there is an unrecognized AirTag nearby, and if the AirTag is hard to hear, your iPhone will even make a noise alert so you can recognize it sooner. This feature is only available for users of iPhone 11 or later. You must have the latest iOS 16.2 update or later to install it.

Apple AirTags come with benefits and risks.

Apple AirTags come with benefits and risks.
(Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images, File)

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How do I know if my AirTag has the latest update

AirTags do not automatically update like iPhones, iPads or laptops. Instead, they release firmware updates over time rather than being immediately available to every user. You can check to see if your AirTag has the latest firmware update by:

  • Open looking for my application
  • tap project and select your AirTag from the list
  • Click on your AirTag name to view its serial number with current firmware version
  • As of this release, the latest update is version 2.0.36, so if that’s listed, you’re all set. Check regularly to see if a different version is listed after your device has been updated.
Follow the steps below to keep your AirTags updated and know what to do if you find an unknown AirTag.

Follow the steps below to keep your AirTags updated and know what to do if you find an unknown AirTag.
(Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images, File)

What should I do if I find an unknown AirTag

  • remove the battery immediately Press the center of the rear panel and turn counterclockwise. This will disable the AirTag until the battery is replaced.
  • Look inside the AirTag Obtain the serial number and report that number to the police.
  • Do not discard or destroy AirTags. Give it to the police along with the serial number when reporting the crime.

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