February 6, 2023

Watching videos and photos on a small screen like a smartphone or tablet is certainly possible, but there’s nothing like watching content on a big, beautiful TV screen. It’s easier on the eyes and leads to a better viewing experience overall.

Did you know that you can match the content on your phone to your TV screen and still use your phone? Well, I’m here to show you how easy it is to cast your Android screen to a larger Smart TV.

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Photo demonstrating how to select the screenshot option on Android.
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What is a screenshot?

Screencasting is an option that allows you to cast music, video, or any other type of content from one device to another. Android phones allow users to take screenshots using Chromecast, a popular dongle device introduced in 2013 that connects to your smart TV and then allows you to control it from Android.

What are the benefits of mirroring?

  • Screen capture lets you enjoy high-quality streaming on a bigger screen
  • You can continue using your Android device while taking screenshots of other content
  • Screenshot is battery and Wi-Fi friendly and won’t drain your phone

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How do I set up screenshots on my Android device?

There are two different ways to set up screenshots to improve viewership on Android. Note that settings may vary depending on your Android phone manufacturer.

1. Set up a shortcut on your Android

  • screw you Quick Setup Open panes by dragging down with two fingers from the top of the Android screen

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Android screenshot showing how to set a shortcut for the screenshot button.

Android screenshot showing how to set a shortcut for the screenshot button.
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  • choose cast screen options in menu
  • If there is no Screen Cast option, Swipe left for more options or click the pencil icon to add a shortcut

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2. Using the Google Home app

  • open your google home app Your Chromecast
  • choose your Chromecast
  • wait android display appear on your big screen
  • On your Android device, tap the media and choose what you want to start streaming

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Google home screen shot.

Google home screen shot.
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A screenshot showing how to select the screenshot button for media.

A screenshot showing how to select the screenshot button for media.
(Fox News)

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