February 6, 2023
CCCU assignment writing guidelines

CCCU assignment writing guidelines

You must adhere to the guidelines if you want your assignments to get the spotlight at CCCU. Many students don’t give these guidelines much thought. But, students who do excel in their academic careers. CCCU assignment writing guidelines are a priority if you want great grades. So, the following are some guidelines for you to follow if you are from the undergraduate batch 2023 at CCCU:Dream News Hub About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Write For US

CCCU assignment writing guidelines on formatting

Assignment cover sheets

This is a department-specific task. To increase the appeal of your assignments, adding a cover sheet helps greatly. But what is an assignment cover sheet? You ask. According to CCCU assignment writing guidelines, it is a page containing key information about your assignment. So, you must put your student registration number, module number, assignment title, and submission date over it. Cover sheets are effective. Plus, it would help if you kept them simple. After all, a simple cover sheet is the most appealing one.

Assignment title

Per CCCU assignment writing guidelines, the assignment title can be either centre or left-aligned. In addition, you must write the assignment title in bold. Italics or any other way will not get you the grades you seek. After all, a bold title catches the attention. Moreover, the title needs to be worded wonderfully. So, make sure you use the words your professors would love to read. Additionally, the title must have a realistic scope. Lastly, it must include the main terminology you work with.

Stating word count

CCCU assignment writing guidelines have no restrictions on this one. So, if your professors instruct you to write the word count, you must comply. Otherwise, stating word count depends on your own will. Furthermore, you need to state the word count on the cover sheet if asked. Just make sure that your word count accurately reflects the instructions. After all, most professors advise against adding references to the word count. And so do the academic firms providing assignment writing services, UK.

CCCU assignment writing guidelines on visual clarity

Line spacing

The assignments need to be visually accessible per CCCU assignment writing guidelines. So, you must increase the space between the lines on the page. Though the pre-set standard is 1.0 spacing, you must set it to 1.5 or 2.0. Increasing the space will make it easier to read your assignment. After all, assignments with less space look cluttered. It will also break up the number of lines on each page for higher visual clarity.

Fonts, type and size

Non-examination assignments are all word processed rather than handwritten. So, for a professional appearance, the font must be plain. This is the most focused point per CCCU assignment writing guidelines. “Times New Roman” or “Arial” are the best fonts to write a perfect-looking assignment. As for the readability, the point size must be 11 or 12. Furthermore, for any specific rules, you must check your departmental guidance.

Page numbering, headers and footers  

The best way to make your assignments more accessible is by adding page numbering. Plus, the CCCU assignment writing guidelines are not that strict on it. So, you can include these in either the header or the footer – your choice! Moreover, you can also add your module and registration number in the header or footers.

CCCU assignment writing guidelines on page layout


It is the amount of blank space on either side of the paragraph. Per the CCCU assignment writing guidelines, you can keep the default settings for margins. Yes! The margins of your word processor are sufficient. Though it might not seem that important, it is an important point. And all the academic firms providing assignment writing services, UK, strictly adhere to it as well.

Paragraph alignment

Although CCCU assignment writing guidelines are not strict with paragraph alignment, you must seek instructions from the professor. The default settings of your word processor are ok enough for the CCCU. That means the left-aligned paragraphs are better.

Paragraph indentation

Indents are not always required. Plus, they depend on your referencing style per the CCCU assignment writing guidelines. Moreover, they should not be used in the first paragraph of your assignment. After all, indents only help clarify new paragraphs when you end one.

CCCU assignment writing guidelines on referenced material

References and bibliography

You must include a bibliography and a reference list at the end of your assignment. The order can be numerical or alphabetical. It would help if you precisely lined up all your references to nail the referencing. After all, accuracy is the key. Moreover, CCCU assignment writing guidelines have nothing against auto-generating the bibliography.

CCCU assignment writing guidelines on advanced formatting


You must use headings if you want your assignment to be structured perfectly. Plus, these headings need to be sectioned. So, keep consistency on when and where you use the headings. Moreover, staying consistent with the system you use for numbering headings would be best. As for subheadings, you must take the same route. The focus is on consistent structure per the CCCU assignment writing guidelines.

Figures and tables

If you use figures and tables, you must directly refer to them in the text above or below. Furthermore, if there are more than three figures and tables in your assignment, include a list of figures and tables. Why? You ask. Well, this will make your assignment look professional. Besides, it will improve the accessibility and the readability of your assignment. The table caption is always placed above it, and the figure caption is underneath. Plus, these captions need to be consistently labelled as well. The main focus of CCCU assignment writing guidelines on tables and figures is that they must be clear and easy to read.

Closing statement on CCCU assignment writing guidelines

To ace your subjects with good grades, you must follow CCCU assignment writing guidelines. Per these guidelines, the assignments must have perfect formatting, visual clarity, precise referenced material, and advanced formatting. So, if you are from the undergraduate batch of 2023, adhere to the guidelines above in all your assignments. After all, doing so will make your assignments look perfect and professional. Still, if you feel overwhelmed by these guidelines and restrictions, you can hire assignment writing services UK to do the work for you.

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