January 29, 2023

Many would agree that the fact that almost all smartphones have GPS service installed is one of their many advantages. On the one hand, when traveling to or in a city you may not be familiar with, having an instant map at your fingertips makes it almost impossible to get lost.

Plus, thanks to apps like Find My Phone, built-in GPS service saves you the hassle of digging around the house trying to find your lost phone.

However, considering all this, GPS software This can help you avoid getting lost, and it can also help others pinpoint your location.

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Below is information about mobile location software.
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A ‘Find My’ App Could Save Your Life

Of course, Find My Mobile apps and other GPS software weren’t designed to put iPhone or Android users at risk.On the contrary, the iPhone 14 is equipped with SOS The service is free for the first two years.

When you access SOS, it contacts emergency services via satellite no matter where you are in the world, in places without Wi-Fi or cellular service. Of course, satellites may not be reachable in areas that are covered in foliage or have no other elements to obscure the sky.

But in clear skies, SOS services do have the potential to save lives, as it turns out first rescue mission Thanks to this service, recently Report Provided by the Alaska Department of Public Safety, a man traveling on a snowmobile was trapped.

Thanks to the SOS service, he was able to contact Apple Emergency Response via satellite, which in turn provided Alaska police with the man’s GPS coordinates.

The man was saved and unharmed, all thanks to a miracle of technology.

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The police can help find your phone…for better or worse

Another recent example of law enforcement’s use of “Find My” apps led to a not-so-happy ending, as the recent litigation (Use the link: https://www.aclu-co.org/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/complaint_and_jury_demand_12-01-2022_redacted.pdf ) filed a claim in county court in Colorado a few weeks ago.

The Denver Police Department is hunting a stolen truck containing $4,000 in cash, multiple guns and two drones, as well as the truck driver’s iPhone. Understandably, police had an instinct to use the Find My app to locate the phone and hope to find the perpetrator.

They located a location that turned out to be the home of retired postman Ruby Johnson, who was provisionally arrested as police searched her home for her missing mobile phone.

While the missing phone was never found, screenshots from the Find My app showed that the iPhone was near Johnson’s home, not her exact address. Alas, the phone, not to mention the stolen truck and ammunition were never found, and Johnson, with help from the ACLU, is suing Denver Police Department detectives for unspecified damages.

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Be careful when downloading new apps

This is hardly the first time that location services on someone’s phone may have put someone in a dangerous situation, if not downright dangerous. Namely, because people tend to approve all apps to know where you are with the click of a button.

While we should always only do this for navigation apps, we may want to think twice about allowing others to use our location, as spyware specifically designed to track and follow you is on the rise.

Even allowing our location to be readily available on social media can be a mistake, as it opens up the possibility of allowing almost anyone to track you.

Those with an iPhone can take a few simple steps to make sure your location isn’t easily seen by everyone.

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Use these tips to adjust your privacy protections when using location software.

Use these tips to adjust your privacy protections when using location software.
(Fox News)

How to Adjust Which iPhone Apps Track You?

in these order

  • click settings
  • Click on Privacy and Security
  • Click on Location Services.

Here you’ll see all the apps you’re currently sharing your location with, and some options while tracking, which are:

  • always
  • when using it
  • ask next time
  • no way.

Which apps should I allow to track my location?

This is of course a matter of personal opinion, but in general, the only apps that need to know your location are:

  • find my app
  • navigation application
  • carpool app
  • Food delivery app.

Even so, it might be wise to only offer location services “while in use.”

Avoid apps that allow location

How to check if someone is stealing your WI-FI and what to do about it

You can never be sure who is spying on you.

When using an app, one can never be sure who is on the receiving end of your current location, as evidenced by Twitter and Instagram’s “precise location” warnings. While the situation turned out to be less serious than suggested, it still serves as a reminder of how easy it is for hackers to find your precise location through almost any app, or we might have downloaded a fraudulent app full of tracking malware.

But that incident, or Ms. Johnson’s admittedly horrible experience, shouldn’t stop you from using the navigation app again. Because sometimes, when you need it most, it can save you from getting lost, or in extreme cases help you find it.

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