February 6, 2023

The Ring Video Doorbell has helped many homeowners fall asleep easier when they’re away from home, whether it’s on vacation or at the office. If a motion sensor is detected, the Wi-Fi connection will immediately alert the user that someone has entered their property.

Best of all, if someone rings the doorbell, a built-in camera and audio device lets you see and talk to anyone who might be at your door in real time, no matter where you are.

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However, Ring has come under some scrutiny recently after neighbors of Ring users complained that built-in cameras violated their privacy and filmed them when they had no right to do so.

As a result, Ring owner Amazon advise clients Check out two specific settings to ensure the safety and privacy of residents and neighbors.

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privacy zone

One of the first things Amazon urges Ring customers to consider is having privacy zones near their cameras. A privacy zone is an area within the doorbell camera’s field of view that users can then define as a “no-go area.”

Therefore, the Ring app will not display anything in the privacy area. If you have a Ring video doorbell and the company’s “Ring Protect Plan,” a premium service that provides 24/7 surveillance and lets you view, store, and share all recorded video, nothing in the privacy zone will be blocked. recording.

Each device can add two rectangular privacy zones. Amazon describes setting privacy zones as little tape over the lens. While the camera won’t capture anything in the privacy zone, the motion detector will still sense anything in the zone and alert Ring users accordingly.

To set up a privacy zone:

  • Open the ring app
  • click menu
  • click device
  • which device to choose
  • Click on Device Settings
  • Click on Privacy Settings
  • then set your region

Neighbors’ doors and windows, places that can be easily seen and recorded unknowingly, are Amazon’s first recommended areas of privacy.

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disable recording

While doing so sounds like it completely defeats the purpose of owning a Ring doorbell, let’s be clear that Amazon’s recommendation is not to disable the camera, but to disable any recordings it might make.

That means, you still get real-time audio and video. As for footage, you won’t be able to play any footage. Meaning, it is impossible to put your neighbor in a vulnerable or compromising position.

disable recording

  • Open the ring app
  • click menu
  • click device
  • which device to choose
  • Click on Device Settings
  • Click on Privacy Settings
  • turn off recording

Below is information about Ring doorbells and your privacy.
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Protect your privacy, not just your neighbor’s

As with any software, having your information on the Ring app makes you vulnerable to hackers. This makes it even more important to check your privacy now.

Double check your privacy settings

  • Start the ring app
  • Click on the three-line menu in the upper left corner
  • Click on Control Center

While in the Control Center, there are three areas you need to check.

  • Account Verification: Changed to text instead of email.
  • Authorized Client Devices: Review this list to make sure all of these devices belong to you or someone else you have authorized as a shared user.
  • Shared Users: View everyone listed. to make sure you only see people you’ve granted access to.

With porch thieves stealing packages off patios and front steps, there’s a lot of glee at installing cameras on front doors. Ring can make it easier to unwind this holiday season, as long as you make your privacy and that of your neighbors a priority.

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