February 6, 2023

Apps like Google Meet, Google Workspace, Gmail, and Google Calendar are used by millions and businesses and people to manage, organize and execute their work.

With more people working from home permanently, you need to monitor the performance of your Google apps to identify and solve any performance issues. If you’re an IT specialist or network admin, this will help you support users, even remotely.

What is Network Performance Monitoring?

Network Performance Monitoring or NPM consists of monitoring and measuring all ends of your network performance to find and fix performance issues and create a performance history and baseline. 

This should be done with a tool, like Obkio Network Performance Monitoring Software, which consists of deploying network monitoring Agents at network locations in a company’s offices or network destinations (data centers, clouds, remote offices) to measure network metrics (packet loss, jitter, latency, VoIP Quality) and 

How to Monitor Google Workspace 

Google Workspace apps can be heavily affected by bad network performance. And it can be very difficult to work remotely when your productivity apps keep freezing and logging you off.

The best way to avoid performance issues is to continuously monitor network performance to identify and solve network problems as fast as possible. Here’s how.

1. Use a Network Performance Monitoring Software

To monitor Google Workspace performance, it’s recommended you use a software like Obkio Network Performance Monitoring Software.

A network performance monitoring software monitors the performance of all network destinations (not only network equipment), and alerts you of any network problems it may find.

2. Monitor Network Locations

To monitor your network and Google Workspace apps, you’ll need to deploy Monitoring Agents. 

Monitoring Agents are software developed by Obkio that perform tests from your company’s network locations to measure network and application performance like actual users would.

A. Deploy a Monitoring Agent

First, install an agent to monitor Google’s network. We recommend Obkio’s Google Cloud Public Monitoring Agent, which is hosted within Google’s network but maintained by Obkio.

B. Deploy an Agent in your Network

Next, install a Monitoring Agent within your network to monitor performance between your network and Google’s network. 

You can use a Software agent (Windows, macOS, Linux) in your company’s remote offices or data centers.

Always install more than two Agents to understand if a problem is affecting all your sites or just one.

So, if you’re monitoring Google Workspace between your remote office and the Internet, use one Agent in our Head Office and 2 Agents to monitor Internet performance (for example Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

3. Find Google Workspace Issues 

With this setup, you can now measure performance every 500ms and collect network metrics related to Google Workspace’s performance.

Use all that data to figure out:

  • Where problems are located
  • What is causing them
  • And who is responsible for solving them

Once you’ve collected found current or potential problems, utilize troubleshooting tools like Traceroutes and Speed Tests to solve them.

In Conclusion

With Network Performance Monitoring, you can automate continuous performance monitoring and testing to avoid any freezing or disconnection issues as you’re working with your Google Workspace apps.

This same process works for monitoring other Google applications like Google Meet.

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