February 6, 2023

If you already own Amazon Alexa, you know how easy they make your daily life. You can ask questions, avoid your phone altogether, or take advantage of different skills that you can set up and create new routines for.

How much information do you allow Alexa and Amazon to collect from you? I’ve broken down the privacy settings you should tweak on your Alexa today to use it more securely.

Amazon Alexa device

Change your Amazon Alexa privacy settings

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How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk

Most Alexa users don’t even know this feature is automatically turned on. Amazon Sidewalk, a free feature from Amazon, is essentially a shared network among all Alexa users. From Amazon’s perspective, the tempting reason to keep it is to allow your Alexa device to reconnect more quickly if it loses connection. But Sidewalk also shares this network among neighbors. It’s an effort to create a stronger network, but you have no control over what is shared.

Here’s how to turn it off:

  • open your Alexa app
  • tap more There are three lines in the lower right corner of the screen
  • tap set up
  • tap account settings
  • tap Amazon Sidewalk
  • Close the bar to disable this feature
Amazon Alexa setting to disable Amazon Sidewalk.

Amazon Alexa setting to disable Amazon Sidewalk.

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How to Turn Off Voice Purchases on Alexa

You can order items on Amazon just by speaking your voice on Alexa. This comes in handy if you’re in the kitchen and want to order more dish soap, but you don’t want anyone abusing the feature. Be sure to adjust your voice buying settings.

  • open your Alexa app
  • tap more There are three lines in the lower right corner of the screen
  • tap set up
  • tap account settings
  • tap voice purchasing
  • First, enter Purchasing Control
  • You can select “Recognized voices only” to make purchases. (You can choose whose voice to recognize by adding users, or make your own.)


  • You can select “Anyone with a voice code” and enable a 4-digit voice code that Alexa will ask anyone making a voice purchase to say.
  • You can also make purchases where no one can use voice.
  • Your payment method The one used for Amazon will be stored under Purchase Controls – if you turn off voice purchases it will not be used
  • go Kids Skills Sourcing and log in to disable this feature

How to turn off Alexa recording

  • Insert Alexa Privacy – Voice Buying Video
  • Whenever you talk to Alexa, it records your voice and the entire conversation. Amazon then permanently stores these recordings, unless you choose to delete them more promptly.
Amazon Alexa voice purchase setup.

Amazon Alexa voice purchase setup.

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  • open yourAlexa app
  • tapmore There are three lines in the lower right corner of the screen
  • tapset up
  • tapAlexa privacy
  • scroll and clickManage your Alexa data
  • You can choose to enable “voice deletion,” which means you can tell Alexa to delete what you just said, or everything you said within a certain period of time
  • You can also choose how long Amazon keeps your recordings and choose not to save any, or keep them for three months or 18 months (or forever)
  • scroll toSmart Home Device History and customize the information Alexa saves about third-party smart home devices you may have set up

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  • scroll toDetected Sound History –Alexa can detect sounds like breaking glass, alarms and more – customize how long you want to keep a history of these sounds
  • scroll toHelp improve Alexaand choose whether to allow Alexa and Amazon to save and use your recordings for future training and development
  • How to Completely Stop Alexa from Spying on You
  • you cansilentAlexa Echo – The speaker or display will have a mute button like this:

Tap it, and a red light will appear on your device—this means Alexa will stop responding to commands.

If you want to block Amazon and Alexa spy on you Completely, be sure to unplug any Alexa devices when not in use. Don’t forget – Alexa is always listening!

The mute button on an Amazon Alexa speaker.

The mute button on an Amazon Alexa speaker.

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