February 29, 2024

One of the traditional treatments like cupping is a good solution for many health conditions. Every person should know about the cupping benefits, aftercare, or other things that you should avoid. Health disorders risk can be minimized by traditional treatments. During the cupping, the gentle suction can help in loosens and lifts connective tissues. 

In this way, cupping contributes to boosting blood and lymph flow to your muscles and skin. But if your doctor knows that you are going for cupping and you agree, make sure that you have all the information about cupping.

Experts of hijama in islamabad say that after cupping, you need to take care of the affected areas of your body that can help to prevent the risk of the development of infection.

The interaction of bacteria increases the risk of infection which can result in more damage. There are many cautions as well that you need to follow before a cupping massage. Yes, you need to prepare yourself for the cupping treatment to avoid any possible side effects.

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Here are some guidelines that you need to learn about before having cupping treatment.

How to Prepare for Cupping Massage 

Before cupping, you need to follow these instructions:

Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. You need plenty of water to stay hydrated and increase your intake of fluids. If you do not like water, you can try other juices but prevent dehydration. It is crucial as cupping supports your lymphatic system which functions to clear away cellular waste from the body. Your lymphatic system needs hydration before cupping to do multiple functions.

Try to avoid shaving your body within four hours of your appointment. If you want to do so, you can shave it a few days ago. Shaving just before the treatment can cause some rashes or redness on your skin. It is not a good thing that you should experience before the cupping treatment.

Before one hour of cupping treatment, make sure that you do not eat anything. You can have your breakfast if you have a therapist appointment in the morning.

Sunburned skin is not a good option for cupping treatment. Yes, you need to heal the area of the affected skin and make sure that you avoid sun exposure before going for cupping treatment. It is a traditional treatment that needs proper care of the skin. But, unluckily, if you have a sunburned area of your skin, you can take time to heal it because it feels warmer than normal if you receive cupping.

Exfoliation of the skin is to get rid of dead skin cells. Yes, you need to make sure that you exfoliate your skin gently. Try to keep your skin soft and avoid exfoliation at least one week before having the cupping treatment. You should make sure that you get all the proper care before the treatment and do not exfoliate with any chemical-contained scrubs.

You do not only need before cautions only, but aftercare is a must step that you should take for the cupping treatment.

Yes, it is crucial to make your cupping session successful. The area of the affected skin becomes vulnerable to infections and you need to keep them clean.

After Cupping Care

The following tips can reduce the risk of cupping.

Stay hydrated

Intake of water is a good effort that you should do before cupping or even after this treatment. A high intake of water flushes your lymphatic system of cellular waste. It releases from the tissues. This shows how important it is to stay hydrated after and before the cupping treatment. You just need to stick with healthy lifestyle choices.

Try to Stay Warm

When you come home after cupping or even on the way, try to cover your affected areas. It will prevent the risk of infection or contact with dust. It will also keep it warm.

Get plenty of rest

It is crucial to get plenty of rest when you get cupping. Experts say that rest helps in the healing process. You just need to take care of yourself more and get more rest as it will help to heal hijama the affected areas. Some people may also experience flu symptoms after cupping, try to rest as it is the immune system’s reaction to the cupping treatment.

Other Tips

You should avoid hot showers, strong air conditioning, saunas, and hot bathtubs in hijama. You also need to limit the intake of caffeine, sugary foods, sodas, processed meats, and dairy. Because these foods may slow down the progress of the cupping effectiveness. You should also avoid intense exercise and windy conditions. The products which contain chemicals can also cause damage to your cupping-affected areas.

Consult the doctor if you experience any type of after-cupping infection hijama!

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