February 9, 2023

The phone camera was rolling, so the TikTok influencer got on his knees, adjusted his posture, and swung his club to hit a golf ball sitting near the cliff edge of the Grand Canyon. The ball flies. The club also flew out of her hand.

“How did that happen,” the on-screen text asked clipthe video was recorded on October 26 and posted on TikTok on the same day.

However, authorities appear to have another question after viewing the video: Who is responsible for littering in one of the country’s most iconic national parks?

The tip came in, and law enforcement soon had a name: Katie Sigmond, a TikTok influencer with some 7 million followers who posts workout and modeling videos, as well as highlights Clips of her golfing on the driving range and on the course.

However, her golf swing at the Grand Canyon quickly drew criticism, including from park officials.

“Do we really need to say, ‘Don’t put a golf ball in the Grand Canyon?'” Grand Canyon National Park in instagram.

In addition to the criticism, the stunt led to legal trouble for Ms. Sigmund, who eventually admitted to park rangers that the video The person in the picture is her.

Ms. Sigmund, 20, was initially charged with littering, throwing objects into the Grand Canyon and disorderly conduct causing a dangerous situation, Ms. Baird said. Ms. Baird said the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona recently settled her case through an out-of-court agreement that resulted in a fine.

She did not know what charges were ultimately included in the agreement, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office did not immediately return calls and emails seeking comment.

Ms Baird said she did not know the amount of the fine. But in similar cases, the fine could reach about $280, she said. Arizona Republic News of Ms Sigmund’s fine was reported on Thursday.

Ms. Sigmund did not respond to an email seeking comment on Saturday. The video of her swing at the Grand Canyon appears to have been removed from her social media pages.

The incident is the latest example of visitor misbehavior at the Grand Canyon, which in the past has prompted park officials to publicly mock the actions of those who disrespect the precious, eroded landscape.

Last September, the park release Photo of a padlock hanging from a fence in the Grand Canyon with the words “Alex + Cas” engraved on it. The agency didn’t find any romantic value in it, writing: “You may think the love padlock you leave on the park fence is smart, but it won’t stand the test of time for our bolt cutters.” potential danger.

The Park Service had a not-so-rosy problem in October 2020 when it Report Grand Canyon has seen a spike in “the amount of human waste on (or just off) trails.”

“No one else should need to dispose of your waste,” it said.Rangers at the Grand Canyon last summer simple information To those who toss cigarettes on dry mineral soil: “Bighorn sheep butts are cute! But cigarette butts, not so much.”

Ms. Baird said rangers also dealt with people who threw baseballs, footballs and other objects into the canyon.

“You name it and people just throw it over the canyon,” she said, adding, “Unfortunately, that’s what happens time and time again.”

Grand Canyon officials said Ms. Sigmund threw her club and hit the ball near Mather Point, which offers panoramic views of the canyon’s multiple layers of outcropping rock.

“Throwing objects on the rim of a canyon is not only illegal, but it also endangers hikers and wildlife that may be below,” park officials said.

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