January 29, 2023

Android devices will get new features as part of Google’s December update. On the surface, these changes may seem completely random, but that’s because each one is aimed at a specific type of user.

For example, Google is adding a new Reading Mode App (opens in a new tab) Helps the visually impaired to read text on mobile phones. It works by integrating itself into your phone’s quick settings, and can be activated by selecting the new Books tab that appears on other apps. The page is then converted to a more readable form with colored text on a black background for high contrast. Customization options available, According to the announcement (opens in a new tab), where you can change the color, font size, and contrast level of the text. Reading Mode also offers a text-to-speech option for the most strenuous or for users who just want to relax and listen. An in-app slider lets you adjust your reading speed.

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