February 9, 2023
lederhosen men

When attending Oktoberfest for the first time, especially as a foreigner, people walk into the festival with a lot of misconceptions about it. More importantly, they enter Germany with tons of myths about the famous trachten aka lederhosen men. 

If you also happen to be a non-German who is going to attend Oktoberfest for the first time and has no clue about what’s a myth and what’s actually a fact, then you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, we are going to debunk some of the most popular myths that have been transferred to the whole world about the trachten specifically and Oktoberfest in general. 

Limited Fabric Choices For Lederhosen Men

One of the biggest misconceptions about lederhosen is that people usually think they are available in a very limited choice of leathers. Everyone knows that these outfits are crafted of leather but it is commonly believed that the leather options are quite confined when it comes to making a Bavarian tracht for men. 

This is just a myth and holds no truth to it. There is a  diverse range of leather types from which the German lederhosen men are made from. Let’s walk you through all these options separately so you will know which ones to buy. 

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Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is produced when the hide is divided diagonally at the top, just below the hair. It produces the highest-quality leather and is the toughest and most resilient component of the animal skin.

The top fibres are placed in a spiral fashion, giving the leather more strength and resilience to stress and strain.

A full-grain leather’s natural grainy surface can be seen if you examine it closely with your unaided eye or a magnifying lens.

The hair follicles were once linked to the skin at these grains, but they were later eliminated during the tanning procedure. This is how full-grain leather is mostly recognised.

For the lederhosen men, the full-grain leather is used sometimes when you want it for daily wear and not just Oktoberfest. However, there is another misconception that men wear the lederhosen for fashion purposes only and it’s not true. 

Because some working class men in Germany still like to wear this to work everyday and for this very reason, the sturdy leather material is the best option. 

Suede For German Lederhosen Men

Since it is the innermost layer of the hide, suede is actually a sort of split leather. It typically originates from sheep, although it can also be from goats, deer, and calf. In contrast to the preferred rested texture, thicker hides have the same feel but become fluffier.

To generate a thin, flexible substance, the innermost, thinnest layer is removed. Although it is technically not necessary to remove this layer, doing so would result in a thicker, less malleable leather, which is typically most favorable for the German lederhosen men outfits. 

Generally speaking, suede is a high-quality fabric, though not for the same reasons as other kinds of leather. Suede is more prone to damage because it is softer and thinner. But it’s the malleability and suppleness that are so admired.

The quality and applications of suede are also influenced by the tanning procedure and whether the leather is split. 

The leather can be a more robust, long-lasting material with the recognisable suede surface on one side if the whole grain is preserved. However, it is rigid. Split and supple are considered to be significantly superior qualities.

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The Lederhosen Men Outfits Are Available in One Length

After the fabric myth, this has to be the second most popular one. Men typically think that the lederhosen is available only in a fixed length and that is to the knees. However, this is just a myth, not a fact. 

These pieces of clothing are not restricted to one length. There is quite a diverse range of lengths available. You can go for the ones that reach below the knees if you are a shy and modest guy. 

If you like to express yourself and show some skin, then try the one that reaches right at the knees because it will show some skin without making you look bold. 

Lastly, if you are an extravagant, over-the-top and confident person, you can even buy a German lederhosen costume that reaches above the knees, and around your thighs. This is sure to get the attention of all those beautiful ladies at the festival. 

If you are looking for a lederhosen men that is made from the best quality leather type and does not go to waste within months, then be sure to hit Lederhosen Store US for ideal deals on the high-quality German outfits for men. 

And the best part about it  is that you don;t even have to leave your home and pay extra credit going all the way to mini-shops in Bavaria. 

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