January 29, 2023

Electric scooter brand Atomi has launched a new flagship model, the Alpha, and it’s taking safety more seriously than most. Surprisingly, this leads to some features that many other electric scooters don’t have, such as street turn signals.

There are other scooters like Mavericks KQi3 Pro, using LED headlights, brake lights, and reflectors for safety (all of which the Alpha also has), but most of the time, the company stops there.However, Atomi decided Add more basics (opens in a new tab). In addition to turn signals, Alpha is also equipped with A range of customizable mood lights (opens in a new tab) Under deck and on stem for easy night riding. You control these through the Atomi app, where you can change the color of the light and its pattern. For turn signals, there are physical switches on the handlebar similar to cars.

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