February 21, 2024

As technology advances and user demands shift, search engine optimization (SEO) practices have to continue evolving and adapting as well. Search engines constantly update their algorithms and the ways in which they process queries, meaning that SEO campaigns simply have to follow the latest trends in order to stay relevant and competitive. 2023 will be no different. The following year will provide us with new tendencies that will determine the success of SEO campaigns and potentially shape the future, and here are just some of the latest trends that are predicted to make the largest impact:

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Online shopping

While online shopping was on a steady rise for quite some time now, it has truly skyrocketed in recent years. Google is taking notice of this boost as well, attempting to create enhanced online shopping experiences for consumers. They’ve made changes to their platforms such as eliminating commission fees for sellers and implementing an AI-powered Shopping Graph that considers factors such as websites, reviews, prices, inventory data, and videos. This enables users to to quickly find the most relevant products and even search for offerings using their own images, thus presenting a great growth opportunity for businesses to explore in the following years.

Video marketing

A significant percentage of consumers are already relying on video content to guide their purchasing decisions. With the popularity of video continuing to increase, it’s recommended to make this tactic an important part of SEO campaigns in 2023. What’s more, Google is also expected to roll out specific features that will enable users to find the information they need much more quickly through videos. This mostly focuses on clip markup, which allows you to highlight any important parts of the video, as well as seek markup, which aims to inform Google on how URL structures operate. Videos can be optimized with these two features to boost relevance and competitiveness in search results.

Semantic keywords

It’s no secret that targeting relevant keywords is vital for the success of SEO campaigns. According to the best SEO company in Melbourne – Impressive Digital, performing extensive keyword research and implementing it in high-quality website content is still as important as ever. The right experts can aid websites in optimizing their content for achieving goals and increasing success. But as Google’s algorithms become more sophisticated, semantics might play a critical role in the future as well. With developing AIs that can recognize intent and emotion in queries, focusing on common phrases and semantically related keywords will be essential for optimization.

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

Informal queries

As Google continues to improve user search experiences to accelerate the process of finding relevant information, the focus slowly shifts to understanding all the complexities of languages. The search engine now aims to understand natural language and dialogue better in order to deliver more efficient results. This involves understanding vernacular, as well as the ways in which people talk when attempting to find what they’re looking for. To follow this trend and prepare for the future, optimizing for voice search will be key. Targeted phrasing, short answers, and vernacular considerations have to be included in the process.

Featured snippets

The prominence of featured snippets in Google’s search results simply can’t be ignored. They will likely continue to be relevant throughout 2023, and might even gain more importance moving forward. Representing the small box that appears before the actual search results, featured snippets can be anything from FAQs and how-tos to bulleted lists and single sentences. They represent a wonderful shortcut to the top of results pages, removing the need for overly long on-site content. To become eligible for a snippet, a website will need to offer truly valuable information that users commonly search for.

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According to Google developers, the requirements for on-site image optimization have always been quite clear, even though they weren’t regularly followed. As it turns out, now is the ideal time to review website images and determine how they stand on the optimization meter. Users are demanding the internet to be accessible for all, meaning that optimally served images will be key to those with visual impairments. However, Google is focusing on image optimization for another important reason as well. Apart from only conveying visual ideas, images will be used for obtaining information, informing AI, online shopping, and much more in the near future.

As search engines continue to change and evolve, so do the tendencies that come with them. Following the trends mentioned above will be essential for ensuring optimal performance and accelerating success come 2023.

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