January 29, 2023

In order to increase your website traffic, you are looking for a writing professional capable of delivering quality web content. That’s good, many freelancers are ready to carry out this mission by offering you texts adapted to your needs and which will appeal to readers. In your quest for the perfect web copywriter, you’ve probably seen varying prices. Faced with the rates for writing web content, it is not always easy to find your way around, let alone understand what they correspond to. Rest assured; these prices are not due to chance. They represent various services and are based on several factors, in connection with the content to be written but also with the editor’s profile. Focus on these criteria which explain the differences, sometimes surprising, between the rates charged in web writing.

The content to write

The type of content

It’s obvious, a product description of less than 300 words will not represent the same budget as an article of more than 2,000 words. Rates depend on the type of web content and its length. A web editor may be required to write an article, a website page, a product description, a newsletter or even a press release. These different services do not require the same attention, the same quantity of words, and therefore, the same working time. In general, the longer the content, the higher its price will be.

The topic covered

The theme of the content to be provided is also important. Whatever the subject to be covered, the work of the editor includes time for researching reliable sources and information. Particularly precise and tedious documentation may incur a higher price, since the writer invests more time in it. Conversely, by providing a detailed briefing, with trusted sources, you make the writer’s research easier. The latter quickly identifies the subject, understands your expectations and can move on to writing.

If it’s a technical topic that requires a minimum of knowledge or expertise in a particular area, chances are you’ll need to contact a specialist writer. This specialization has a cost because it requires additional knowledge from the writer, beyond his web writing skills.

The specifics of the order

In addition to the content itself, writers are sometimes responsible for other complementary tasks: finding a best and affordable ghostwriting agency relevant image to accompany the text, writing the meta-description, taking care of the integration of the content, promoting it on social networks, etc. These additional actions may impact the rate.

If you need several texts, articles in particular, do not hesitate to request a batch. By offering a large volume to the writer, there is a chance that he will make you a better offer. On the other hand, in the case of an order to be made within very short deadlines or urgently, the price is increased.

The different profiles of writers


When looking for an editor for your website, you will discover different profiles. All professionals offer the same service: write quality content for you. They therefore have common skills that are essential to accomplish this mission. However, some knowledge or skills are not shared by all writers. This translates into price variations for web content writing.

Writers have, for example, excellent literary qualities or have obtained the Voltaire Certificate (level certificate in spelling). They are professionals of words and syntax; no fault escapes them. Although these skills are expected of all writers, this specialization and reliability can be highlighted and justify a slightly higher cost.

Some writers are storytelling or copywriting experts. They know how to arouse emotion and intrigue the reader, choosing the right words to encourage him to stay on the site, to click or to act. Other copywriters are also SEO specialists. They are able to optimize your content as well as possible so that it is well positioned in the search results. They understand the possible flaws in your already published content and know what needs to be corrected to bring them up on Google’s pages. Mastering these techniques is a real plus, which explains the higher prices for this type of service.

The importance of experience

Experience in web writing is essential, it ensures editorial fluency on multiple subjects, regardless of the type of content requested. Beginner or junior copywriters begin to practice while becoming familiar with the requests. For this reason, they generally charge lower prices than those with more experience.

The most experienced, true versatile and autonomous SEO editors, are able to support and advise you. They analyze your website and propose to find for you relevant subjects on which you could position yourself. They then take it upon themselves to prepare a suitable briefing. By no longer providing a briefing and trusting your copywriter, you save valuable time. These professionals have a higher price, but the service offered is up to par.

Web content writing prices

Types of invoicing

As you will have understood, several factors influence the prices of web content. You now know what is behind these varied prices. But concretely, how are these prices presented? This is another subtlety in web writing, the way of invoicing is not always the same. We can thus find an invoice:

  • By the word (indicating the price/word and the total price according to the number of words requested);
  • On the sheet (which corresponds to approximately 1,500 characters, or approximately 250 words);
  • Time spent: an hourly rate or an average daily rate (ADR).

Why these different ways of establishing the cost? One billing type is not necessarily better than another, but depending on the demands, one of them may be more suitable. Let’s take for example the writing of a copywritten sales page. In order to prepare an effective argument that encourages action, you must first identify the target, the buyer persona. Billing by time spent takes into account the time devoted to understanding the customer, his needs and the problems he encounters. With word or sheet pricing, this time is not counted. Only the result, that is to say the written content, matters. In some cases, it is also possible to increase the price per word or per sheet to compensate for a more substantial search.

An indication of the rates charged by the editors

To better understand the reality of prices in web writing, here is a range of prices encountered. They are listed with the price per word, the most commonly used pricing system, but also the easiest to compare.

  • Around 1 or 2 cents per word: the rate is low and is only charged by editorial platforms or by editors based abroad. In the case of platforms, the quality is uncertain because they welcome people of different levels, sometimes with little or no training and rarely mastering SEO. As for offshore editors with very low prices, some rely on a high production rate that does not allow, here again, to deliver a quality service. Indeed, the cost is lower, but there are chances that you will have to go back to the text to make changes or corrections.
  • From 4 to 6 cents per word: the price is low or average. It corresponds to the prices of junior writers who are starting out and gaining experience. It can also be practiced by the most advanced if it is a question of a “simple” command that does not require technical skills such as SEO.
  • From 8 cents per word: this is the rate for experienced writers specializing in SEO. It can be up to five times higher for very technical services carried out by particularly competent profiles.

You now understand what justifies these price differences in web content writing. As you resume your quest for the ideal copywriter, consider taking a look at the talents of. All the proposed freelancers have undergone SEO web writing training and are ready to support you in your projects. You can also build your own team of writers. All you have to do is describe your needs to be put in touch with profiles that meet your expectations.

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