February 9, 2023

The main purpose of planning a company Conference is to boost visibility and career. It can help strengthen company sales and morale if it is planned with a strong purpose. 

It can be tricky to plan a conference since the process is quite lengthy. Firstly a compelling agenda and a great speaker are a must. Then comes several factors that need your attention like good food, comfortable seats, air conditioning, and much more. A business conference that is not planned well can be talked about for all the bad reasons. 

Since you are putting in the effort to promote your business with a conference, make sure to do your best. Here are some tips to help you plan a successful company conference.

Have a Clear Purpose 

A successful conference always has a clear purpose and idea in mind. The main agenda can be to introduce a new product, motivate the sales force, engage in team-building activities, and much more. 

If you are running a big corporation, the purpose can also be to bring separate geographical branches together for a day. Only when you have a clear purpose, you can plan the rest of the conference. Then you can determine the size and the events that will take place at the conference.

Plan the Event

Once you have the main agenda, you can think about what you want the audience to see at the event. If you want to involve well-known speakers or you want to plan out a series of break-out sessions on multiple topics. 

Moreover, you also need to choose which area would suit the attendees the most so that they can arrive easily. 

Set a Budget 

Create a budget early in the planning stage and include all the categories you need. Write a list of everything you need to make a conference successful then set an amount that you afford to pay for each.

Below are some things that you need to set a budget for:

  • Paid speakers 
  • Food items
  • Venue 
  • Printed material

Book the Venue 

You need to plan the Event at least a few months before the actual date. Because there is a lot that goes into the planning like booking the right venue on an available date. 

Depending upon how many attendees and guests you expect to show up, the venue size can be then finalized. Discuss everything with the venue management regarding the seating arrangement, sound system, and food. If they don’t provide catering, then you can hire a professional to give you a full-service catering experience. 

Hire the Speakers 

The next step is to hire a speaker that would suit the main purpose of the event. Send them the meeting date, time, and any other material needed beforehand. 

Besides, you need to start looking for any vendors that you need. It could be a business that designs custom-made bags for the event. 

Promote the Conference

All kinds of meetings whether internal or external should be publicized. Even if it is a motivational meeting for the sales force, you need to let the attendees know to get excited about it. If you plan to launch a new product, publicity would help attract more people and let the word out.

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