February 29, 2024
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Trends in the tech sector are always rising and falling, but the presence of technology as a major part of modern business is holding fast – which means that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to keep their finger on the pulse and consider ways in which they can get in on the trends that can benefit them.

There are a lot of different technology trends that have relevance to businesses nowadays. We discussed this with a number of tech companies; one of them – TechQuarters, a provider of managed IT services London based SMBs have been working with for years – discussed what technology trends they are seeing become relevant, and which ones they think would be suitable for SMBs like their clients.

What Makes a Technology Good for SMBs

Even though technology is highly relevant to modern business, one of the biggest mistakes an organisation can make is acquiring a new technology without really thinking it all through. The process of implementing new technologies should start with understanding the impact it will have on the organisation, and making a carefully considered roadmap that includes implementation and onboarding.

What makes a technology good for an SMB can vary; however, in general, the challenges that SMBs face in their markets are often similar – namely, their ability to compete with larger, more well-established companies; and their limited budget or resources. In accordance with that, when we spoke with TechQuarters, we stuck with listing trends in technology which have broad appeal, and could be applied to most organisations.

Seven Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

It’s virtually impossible to have a conversation about technology trends without mentioning artificial intelligence. For years, it has been one of the most popular topics in both the tech industry, and the wider business community. The ability for artificial intelligence to drastically speed up business processes, and enable the analysis of aggregate data, big data, and unstructured data, has immense value for all businesses. Using AI, an organisation can gain valuable insights and unlock new opportunities they wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise; it can also greatly streamline business processes.

Remote Onboarding

The trend of remote onboarding goes hand in hand with the trend of hybrid and remote working. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies have been going remote. Remote work has many great benefits, one of which is that ability for an organisation to hire talent from all around the world. However, this poses the challenge of how a business can efficiently onboard staff that are remote. It is one thing for an employee to transition from working in the office (where they would have originally been onboarded) to working remotely; but trying to onboard someone from scratch remotely requires new approaches. Remote onboarding as a tech trend generally involves using technology to devise a comprehensive roadmap for the onboarding of a remote employee, and to make each step as efficient as possible.

Software Unification

Another big trend in technology is the unification of software and services. There are a few different examples of this. For example, Windows 11 – the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operation system – has Microsoft Teams fully integrated into it, rather than it simply being an app that is available to install. Integrated solutions allow for much more seamless workflows. For instance, all the apps and services included in Microsoft 365 are fully integrated to form an ecosystem where information flows very freely.

Process Automation

The ability to automate processes involving several different tasks can save a business a lot of time, which can then be spend on other things – thus the overall productivity of an organisation can be improved. TechQuarters, who are a small business themselves, stated that process automation has had an impact in their organisation. For example, when providing IT support Essex and London businesses rely on, they rely on automation to streamline the logging and management of cases. Process automation can be applied to many different areas of an organisation – such as customer service, cybersecurity, or administration.

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