February 9, 2023
Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken the world by storm. Real estate developers & brokers alike can use social media to reach new audience groups and increase the awareness of your products and services. Social media marketing helps improve the overall brand visibility and helps businesses create and maintain an authentic and credible relationship with the audience. Several industries are exploring the world of social media and are making the best of it. The real estate industry is one such industry that will benefit from social media marketing tactics massively in 2022.

Social media has been a game changer for the real estate industry. It has helped real estate companies and agents to reach out to new buyers and build their interest in buying a property. Social media marketing is undoubtedly the best way to bring more leads into the pipeline and convert them into buyers. Social media marketing for real estate agents requires constant efforts and regular engagement with the audience for accurate results. This blog will help convey how to make the best use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to generate the best leads. 

Using Social Media to Get More Leads 

Let’s understand some of the best ways of generating quality leads using social media. 

  • Focus on the Right Platforms

Real estate is slightly different from other industries as they are into selling a product that requires time, fruitful consideration, and a slight alignment towards visually enhanced graphics. Hence, finding the right mix of platforms gives a reasonable conversion rate. Real estate developers must experiment with different media to understand how each platform works and which one works best for them.

However, experimentation is a time taking process. Sticking to the platforms that have worked well for other real estate agents is a good plan. In the real estate social media world, Facebook and Instagram are helping people reach out to the right set of audiences. 

  • Run Ads to Gain Visibility 

The practice of running digital advertisements grants you the power to showcase your products in front of a large audience. Real estate businesses can target consumers based on the cohorts they are a part of. In today’s world, around 93% of top marketers use Facebook ads to improve a brand’s visibility; and almost 90% of customers expect you to be active with your posts across all social media sites.

Visibility and searchability might be challenging aspects when one starts on social media. Hence, investing in Facebook ads to reach the target audience is a good plan. Facebook allows marketers to refine their audience based on several criteria, including:

  • Geographies
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Demographics, etc.

One can use these features to reach out to the audience who might be interested in their offerings. The conversion rate of Facebook ads is between 1% and 1.5%, which is excellent. Once people show interest in the ads, nurturing them till they become customers should be the next step. The best part about running an ad on Facebook is that the ads appear on Instagram too. Hence, one can reach a broader audience with the same ad. Contacting a real estate marketing company to run these ads on different platforms is a great idea to make sure the content reaches its target audience and brings results in the long run.

  • Share Client Testimonials 

Potential customers look forward to hearing from people who have been in their shoes. Hence, one can add some video testimonials of their best clients. The testimonials can include their experience and the highlight of their buyer journey. They can also talk about how their company helped them find the house of their dreams.

Testimonials and reviews add credibility to the social media handles. They act as social proof that their company delivers what it promises. Testimonials are the best strategy for social media marketing for realtors.

  • Educate Your Followers

One of the strongest advantages of social media is people are always looking for answers. They want to stay updated with news, trends, and what’s happening nearby. This comes as an excellent opportunity for real estate businesses to engage with the audience, educate them, and help them understand their requirements.

Curating some educational posts about the real estate industry is extremely beneficial. One can use their social media handles to bust some myths around buying a property or help them understand what to look for in an ideal home. It might help businesses reposition themselves as the go-to expert for all real estate queries.

  • Go Live Whenever Possible

Customer engagement is as critical as awareness. One can engage well with their customers when they use videos. Going live and letting their followers know about the property benefits real estate businesses. While buyers might perceive pictures as deceptive, a live video will give them a complete view of the house. Hence, they will have their expectations in line.

  • Connect over DMs and Emails

The real estate grows through word of mouth. Hence, it would help if one stayed connected with their current customer base so that they spread the good word about them. One can build a connection by replying to their comments or any queries they might have. Your followers give you an instant avenue to network with them and you should make the most of the opportunity. 

Another way to engage with the customers is to have an email marketing strategy. An email reminds the customer of the business and its products. Customers today want to connect with the product. Hence, you can send them an e-mailer stating why your real estate properties are the best. This will help you in enhancing your customer experiences. DMs and Emails not only incrase the overall customer engagement, but also build better customer experiences in the long run by helping businesses maintain an authentic relationship with the audience.

  • Virtual Home Tours

Social media gives you the platform to use the power of video. Several potential buyers believe they don’t get an accurate picture of the property just by looking at the photos. Therefore, real estate agents can use social media to give potential buyers a virtual property tour.

You can use Facebook and Instagram to connect with potential buyers and effectively showcase your property videos. You can do so by either going live and walking them through the property or adding small videos of different property sections on the feed or stories.

  • Be Consistent with Your Content

Consistency is the only way one can use social media to their advantage. One cannot be out of sight for months and then come back, or it will affect their relationship with their followers. Giving social media channels the time they demand is essential. Real estate is a high-involvement category. Hence, one needs to engage with their customers regularly.

To ease things out, a content calendar can be created, and posts can be scheduled to be posted from time to time, so nobody has to spend more time posting the content.

Final Words

Social media has changed the way people sell. It helps businesses connect with the audience and engage with them regularly. While one needs to experiment to find the right platforms, one can use the channel to win the customers’ hearts in no time.

Working on the aspects discussed above will help real estate businesses find how social media works in their favor. BeyondWalls, a PropTech ecosystem, uses social media marketing to its advantage, and there’s a lot one can learn from them.

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