December 9, 2022
sarong as an accessory

Sarongs are simple and elegant and can be worn in various ways. Look no further if you’re looking for a new way to style your sarong as an accessory for your next beach trip. The ideas below will show you how to convert your favourite piece into cute dresses and pants that keep you cool on those hot summer days.

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Style as a cute beach dress

Sarongs are great for beachwear because they’re lightweight and easy to pack. They’re also versatile clothing worn as a dress, skirt or top. You can wear it as a head wrap or even as a belt.

Don’t have a belt?

One of the best parts about a sarong is its versatility. It can be used in many different ways, and there are no rules!

If you don’t have a belt or tie to wear, here are some other creative ways to secure your cover-up:

  • Around your waist (or hips) as a skirt
  • Around your necks like a scarf or shawl
  • Around your wrist as an armband for added flair
  • On top of the head (think wrap turban style)

Make a halter top

If you’re not inspired by the wraps, wraps and scarves section, use an enormous enough cover-up to tie in the back to create a halter top for yourself.

You’ll need A large enough sarong that will fit around your chest and tie at least once at the back of your neck—a sports bra or swimsuit top (optional).

Step 1: Drape the middle of the long side over one shoulder so it falls down one side of your body all along its length like a train.

Step 2: Drape the other long side over your opposite shoulder so it falls on that same side of your body (you should have two long pieces hanging down).

Step 3: Tie both ends together at each shoulder using an overhand knot (or any knot you prefer) with plenty of room between them so they sit comfortably when tightened. This is how it looks from above when done correctly.

Wear it as a head wrap

This is the most versatile way to wear your beach cover-up. It can be worn as a head wrap, and it’s perfect if you want to cover your hair while at the beach.

To tie a head wrap:

  • Take your beach cover-up and place it over the back of your neck so both ends hang down in front of you (similar to how one would wear a cape).
  • Then, cross one end over the other so that they’re both on top of each other and continue crossing them until there’s only one long side left.
  • Now take this long side and bring it around behind you until it meets its twin on top of your head; you’ll know this because when tied correctly, this will create two neat little bows at each corner of where you tied them together. These bows should be facing opposite directions from where they were tied together since we want them facing outward instead of inward towards each other.

Turn it into pants

The easiest way to wear a sarong as pants are to pull it over your swimsuit. This will keep the fabric from getting wet, but it also has the benefit of looking like you’re wearing pyjamas all day long. If you want more coverage, you can tie the two ends together in front for a pair of beachy, wide-leg pants or tie them tightly at the waist for a cute, flattering, high-waisted skirt.


Sarongs are like the Swiss Army knife of summer beach accessories. It’s a great accessory because it adds a fun touch to any outfit.

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