September 25, 2023
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Tooth pain can occur because of sensitivity or some injury in the mouth. Infections, drainage, and their issues can also be a reason behind tooth pain. The intensity of pain may not be able to describe the level of injury and infection you are suffering from. 

This makes it hard to tell when the tooth pain is serious and you need to see a doctor. Here we have listed a few causes o tooth pain and signs that indicate an instant checkup from the Best Dentist in Lahore.

Causes of tooth pain 

Problems related to oral health induce tooth pain. Some of the common ones include 

  • Tooth abscess 
  • Decay 
  • Sensitivity 
  • Bruxism 
  • Gum diseases 

Tooth abscess

A dental abscess is a buildup of batteries and pus inside an untreated cavity. It is basically a buildup of toxins beneath the tooth in the gums. Which makes chewing and even touching the tooth very painful. It comes with swelling and senility in the affected area. 


A day is a gradual destruction of the teeth by cavity formation. It is formed by the food particles tuck in the small crannies among your teeth. The outer surface or the enamel starts to get affected by plaque formation.

Plaque contains bacteria that stick to your teeth and start decomposing the food particles stuck in them. This makes them eat away the teeth along with the extra food particles. As this decay continues to spear the inner parts of the teeth, it leads to dentin. This makes it more painful and siccative. 


When the upper layer of the teeth is gone and dentin is exposed, sensitivity develops. This can occur as a result of cavities, worn-out fillings, damaged gums and broken teeth. It occurs with a quick sharp pain and when it is exposed to triggers such as brushing or hot and cold temperatures. 


Bruxism is a condition in which a person clenches the teeth with all the might from the jaw muscles. It involves grinding, gnashes, and horizontal grazing of the teeth. People often undergo this condition while sleeping or unconscious. In certain conditions, this phenomenon may occur when a person is awake. 

This movement and uncontrolled force, makes your teeth lose their protective layers. The gums hurt due to the application of excessive force. 

Gum diseases 

Gum disease is often symptomatic. But these are the ones that usually are the reason behind the weakness of teeth and pain. Gum disease, or periodontitis, is characterized by an infection of the gums. This infection comes from gingivitis since it is the wearing and tearing of the gums due to aggressive brushing. 

Gingivitis causes the bacteria to attack the enamel and the wounded gums. Later this leads to inflammation and bleeding which are the symptoms of periodontitis. This all can be avoided if you get an early diagnosis by a dentist. 

Treatment of tooth pain 

Tooth pain treatment varies with the cause. You may need medication, surgical procedures or some counseling to overcome your pain. For the treatment of tooth pain, your dentist may prescribe you NSAIDs, antibiotics, and topical fluorides. Moreover, you can get supplements to eat in order to overcome any deficiencies causing weakness. 

Dental procedures such as scaling, route canal, drainage, and filling are also used to overcome any sensitivity and causes of pain. 

Tooth pain may be due to an infectious disease, trauma, general sensitivity, or inflammation in teeth. You need to call your Dentist in Karachi if you have intense pain and any change in temperature or swelling in/on your face and mouth. 

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