October 3, 2023

Do you also live with this fear that one day you will forget your headphones somewhere and lose them forever? Well, it’s a genuine fear. Losing Bluetooth headphones or devices can be risky. What if it is switched off and you will never be able to find them? But worry not! We know how to find hidden Bluetooth devices without spending hours. 

Below we have listed some rational approaches to finding your Bluetooth set so that you don’t have to buy a fresh one. These hacks will help you navigate your lost precious devices with much ease even if they are switched off. 

7 Approaches how to find hidden Bluetooth devices:

Following are some useful tricks to track hidden Bluetooth devices that may still be connected to your device.

1. Visual Inspection:

We will first start with the very basic method, which is a visual inspection. If you are unsure whether a Bluetooth device is connected to your phone/computer, you can visually check your surroundings to see if something small or luminous is switched on near you. Some Bluetooth devices have built-in lights for aesthetic purposes, making them easier to spot. While it is the easiest method, it is the least reliable one. 

2. Check the hidden spots with the highest probability:

Close your eyes and try to remember where you put your Bluetooth set last or where you saw it last time. It is an effective way to find your lost set. Also, you can check all the places where you normally sit or lay down as there are chances that you may have accidentally left them or fallen them off.  Sometimes, your Bluetooth set blends in with the background of the same color as theirs. So you need to carefully check all such areas and make sure you leave no spot unchecked.

3. Bluetooth Checker Apps:

With the evolving technology, it is no more difficult to locate your lost Bluetooth set. There are several Bluetooth checker apps on Android and iOS to help you navigate your lost pair. First, download a Bluetooth checker app and launch it to begin tracking. Since every app has its unique method of tracking a device, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to navigate your device. 

Also, don’t forget to check reviews before downloading any Bluetooth checker app. 

4. Ask people around you:

It is indeed a good idea to ask people around you if they have seen your Bluetooth set. Sometimes you may overlook if you are mad at yourself or under immense pressure. This is when asking people around you helps. Maybe, it’s possible that they have seen your Bluetooth device somewhere and can guide you to where you can find them back. 

5. Declutter your personal and workspace:

Another useful thing you can do is declutter your personal and workspace. Not just it helps you locate your misplaced Bluetooth device, but it will bring all the mess in order again. Also, there are chances that you may find your other lost items in the hunt as well. Doing so will help you look for your wireless headphones the next time you lose them. Just kidding, we know after finding them, you will keep them close to your heart. 

6. Spectrum Analyzer:

If you are tech savvy, you can try this hack. Get a spectrum analyzer and turn it on. It will start scanning for radio frequencies in its surroundings. If there is any hidden device nearby, it will catch the radio frequency and will let you know instantly. 

7. Play Loud Music:

You can use this hack if you have recently lost your Bluetooth headphones and are 100 percent sure they are still on. Open the device your Bluetooth headphone was connected to, check the connection and play loud music at full volume. After putting on a song, roam around your home to check if there is any sound coming from any place. If your headset was on, you might be able to hear a teeny tiny sound coming from it. That said, this hack only works if your headset is linked to your device and is turned on. 

Conclusion – How to find hidden Bluetooth devices:

That’s all there! These were our tried and tested hacks to find a lost Bluetooth headset. You need to stay calm so that you don’t panic and can focus on all those methods. Also, don’t forget to remind yourself that you will find them ultimately. 

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