October 3, 2023

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When I host a national radio show and podcast about all things tech, digital security is always on every show. Take your home router as an example.

An outdated model can put your entire network, files, and anything connected to it at risk of hackers. Tap or click five reasons why you need to replace your old router.

Other ways to protect your digital life don’t cost a cent.

And then there are those safety tips closer to home. Whether you own a full house or live alone, there are many things you can do to make the place you live feel safer.

Research recommendations posted on social media make users overconfident

1. Connect with your community

Getting to know your neighbors can be one of the best ways to feel safer. If not, please introduce yourself. You’ll feel better knowing that your support is nearby.

You can also learn about the wider community through NextDoor. Create an account to connect with people who live nearby. Get ready for a healthy drama. I will never forget when I see a post about someone driving too fast. Well, it’s me.

A more fun way to get into the community is to join a group that buys nothing. This is where neighbors pass on items they no longer use. Let’s say you’re upgrading your TV and need to get rid of the old one. Instead of bothering to sell it, ask if anyone nearby is willing to come and pick it up.

Closeup of man using 3D generated mobile smartphone with emergency call on screen.

2. Set up your phone for emergencies

Your phone is always with you and can be a lifeline in an emergency. A sensible step is to activate your phone’s emergency SOS feature. When triggered, this will call emergency services and send notifications and updates to your chosen personal emergency contact.

Set up emergency contacts for your iPhone

  • Open health app and click your profile picture > medical ID.
  • choose editthen scroll to Emergency Contact.
  • click Add emergency contacts button, then select a touch. Add their relationship.
  • beat complete Confirm your changes.

Call emergency services:

  • Press side key and one of the volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider pops up.
  • call emergency services, Drag the slider.
  • You can also continue to hold side and volume buttons Automatically contact emergency services.

After the countdown is over, your phone will contact emergency services.

Set up emergency contacts and SOS on your Android device

Washington ends the COVID-19 state of emergency in October. 31

  • Open safety applicationthen log in to your Google Account.
  • tap set upThen medical information Add information like blood type, allergies, or medications. Click on the item in the list to update.
  • tap emergency contactThen add contacts and select the existing contact you want to add.

Now you need to activate Android’s SOS feature:

  • In the same app, tap Safety and Emergency then SOS.
  • Open Use emergency SOS.
  • You can also turn on Play alarm sound Play a loud sound when Emergency SOS is activated.
  • Determine which emergency actions should be triggered when you use emergency SOS. Open the action you want to use: call emergency services and share information with emergency contacts.

Call emergency services:

  • Press power button Five times or more. A five-second countdown begins before emergency operations begin. To cancel emergency SOS, Swipe right to cancel during the countdown.
  • After a five-second countdown, an emergency action will be initiated according to your settings.

Are you a caregiver for someone in your life? If you can’t be together all the time, a lot of great technology can help.

Dome CCTV Infrared Camera

Dome CCTV Infrared Camera

3. Make it look like home, even when you’re not

Whether you’re working a day or taking a week-long vacation, there are ways to make your home look like it’s occupied, even if it’s empty. Mechanical or smart home timers can turn lights, speakers or TVs on and off.

Are there echo speakers? Alexa Guard is like a pair of ears you keep at home. Your Echo device will listen for broken glass, smoke alarms, or carbon monoxide alarms. If these sounds are detected, you will get an alert on your phone.

Alexa Guard can also automatically turn any connected smart lights on and off, making it look like home.

4. Install Smart Security System

Home security technology has come a long way since the days of complex hard-wired systems with lengthy, expensive contracts. You can now customize a system for your home with just what you want or even set it up yourself.

SimpliSafe is a sponsor of my national radio show and they are a company I always recommend. Of course, there are many options at different price points.

The cheapest doesn’t translate to the best. I would avoid the cheap underground models you can find online.

woman using her smartphone

woman using her smartphone

5. Think twice before posting online

We tend to post every exciting moment in our lives on social media, but it’s probably more than just your friends watching your adventures. If you keep your profile public, anyone can see that you’re exploring a new city far from home.

The simplest solution is no post personal information on social media, including your holiday arrangements. Wait until you come back to share photos and videos.

If you’re determined to share in real time, at least make sure to limit your account to trusted friends and family.

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