December 2, 2022
Boxing Gloves

If you’re an amateur boxer who has just started practicing in the gym, you are most probably super excited and interested in the sport. But when it comes down to cleaning your custom boxing gloves, you might feel exhausted just by the thought of going through the extensive process. 

As difficult as it may seem, this leather equipment is not difficult to clean and maintain. All you have to do is follow a few tips and tricks for cleaning the gloves, and you’ll be good to go. 

Follow this blog if you’ve never washed your gloves before and it’s your first experience with them. It has everything you need to know from scratch and some bonus cleaning tips. So keep on reading, and happy cleaning!

Why Do Your Custom Boxing Gloves Get Stinky?

Being an intensive contact sport, boxing enables the player’s hand movements, making the gloves humid and slimy. Because it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to develop, the gloves start to smell bad. 

Many boxers tape their hands to help prevent injury, and the tape’s stickiness can make the gloves smell bad. The various materials utilized in the design of your personalized boxing gloves also give off a pungent odor. 

The gloves typically contain leather or synthetic materials, which give off an awful smell. The padding within the gloves tends to absorb moisture, which is hard to get rid of and eventually makes the gear stink. 

Another issue is that the gloves are sometimes not sufficiently ventilated, allowing germs and dampness to build up inside them. So, if they are not stored in a dry environment, they will smell terrible. Many boxers train in open gyms, where the sweat and dirt blend with the padding of the gloves to produce smellier gear.

Reasons To Clean Your Personalized Boxing Gloves

Your boxing gloves must be cleaned regularly to ensure their excellent functioning and prevent potential health risks. You should maintain the cleanliness of your boxing gloves for various reasons lined up here for your facility.

Dirty gloves bring a serious risk of infections with them. There is a considerable risk that pollutants on an opponent’s glove will get into your eyes and infect you if the glove strikes you in the eye during a fight.  

Fissures can also develop as a result of using dirty gloves. Blisters grow in gloves because of the sweat and bacteria that collect there. Unclean gloves don’t feel or appear good. 

Nobody likes donning a pair of filthy, unpleasant boxing gloves. The sweat and bacteria that build up on the customized boxing gear will make them stinky and unappealing if you don’t clean them.

Additionally, the moisture and germs on the gloves might irritate and infect your hands. Your gloves will grow hefty and less useful if they are contaminated. If you don’t frequently clean your gloves, perspiration and oils from your hands will build up and accelerate the gloves’ breakdown.

Clean Your Custom Boxing Gloves As A Beginner

Boxing gloves are a major investment; you don’t want them to waste sooner than expected just because you could not clean them properly. It might seem stressful to clean the gloves as an amateur-level boxer all by yourself but fret not. Try out these tips and tricks for neat gloves every single time, and you will thank us later. 

Dry Them Thoroughly

After training sessions, drying your gloves is crucial. To survive, bacteria and germs require dampness. After each training session, dry your gloves to prevent the growth of germs and extend the duration of their odor-free usability. 

You should hang your gloves in an open place or set them in front of a fan after each training session. They can also be dried in the sunlight directly.

Wipe The Gloves Regularly

After each workout or game, wipe your gloves inside and out with a damp cloth. This is one of the most effective preventative maintenance techniques for keeping your boxing gloves spotless. 

Doing this will reduce the growth of bacteria that can produce an unpleasant odor and eliminate additional moisture from the gloves.

Avoid Bags For Keeping The Gloves

After training, a lot of boxers throw their gloves in a bag. Consequently, the germs grow and multiply conveniently. Do not immediately place your gloves in your gym bag after a training session. Take them home to air dry properly. 

Use The Hand Wraps

These wraps act like an absorbent, soaking up moisture from the padding inside the gloves. This technique is effective, but you must maintain the hand wraps fresh because unclean hand wraps might start to smell soon.


To keep their gloves and other personalized boxing gear clean, athletes usually spritz deodorizers or antibacterial sprays inside them that directly fight the bad-smelling bacteria accumulated in the gloves.

Saltwater Brine

Saltwater is excellent for preventing the growth of bad-smelling bacteria and getting rid of the annoying odor. Make sure your gloves can tolerate saltwater before soaking them.  

Check the material of your gloves because some materials can get damaged when exposed to a saline solution. If your boxing gloves can withstand saltwater, soaking them overnight in a salt solution will kill bacteria that cause odors.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great detergent solution to wash your gloves with. You can follow these steps to clean your gloves properly:

Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and drop it onto your palm. Rub your hands against the insides of the gloves. Now all you have to do is let them dry overnight, and they won’t smell bad the next day.

Washing Your Gloves in Machines

Your professional boxing gloves should never be washed in a washing machine. The best way to clean your gloves is to wipe them thoroughly. 

It is not advisable to wash the gloves in a machine because immersing them in water and cleaning agents shortens the life of the foams and casings inside the gloves.

Worst of all, the machines tend to rip your gloves to pieces in no time, so it’s better to clean them yourself and never take them to a laundry shop.

Although extensive cleaning and maintenance are essential for the endurance of your boxing gloves, the design quality matters a lot. Fight Gear Custom has a diverse range of gloves that can be customized according to your taste

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