February 29, 2024
Wholesale Boxing Gea

With any other sports, you can throw on an old pair of athletic shorts and start the practice session. You can likely get away with wearing the same pair of shorts for basketball, running, or even weightlifting. However, boxing requires a fresh pair of wholesale boxing shorts every single time. 

In order to provide you with the proper protection and enable you to perform at your peak, boxing shorts have a highly precise design and cut. But not all boxing shorts are created equal. Various people will have different preferences, and some are better than others.

If you’re buying boxing trunks for the first time, you must educate yourself about their important aspects. We have prepared a list of things you should consider before purchasing boxing shorts for yourself. Let’s take a look. 

Mobility Is Essential With Wholesale Boxing Gear

Whether you are throwing or dodging punches or performing endurance exercises, you must be able to move well. So invest in boxing shorts that let you move easily and securely. 

You’ll be able to perform at your best without experiencing many limitations if you do this. Bunched-up shorts prevent you from flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, and you definitely don’t want that. 


Generally speaking, getting sturdy gear is a good idea because they are undoubtedly better if they last longer. This is particularly true for wholesale boxing gear as it is a physically demanding activity, and your shorts will get damaged easily.  

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Because of the hours of training, you’ll do, your shorts should be able to endure every single strike. We suggest you select boxing trunks made of robust material with great longevity for optimal performance in the gym and the ring. 

High-Quality Fabrics

The fabric of your shorts is an important factor to consider when making your first purchase. It will affect your performance and comfort as well as mobility and flexibility. The perfect fabric should be tear-resistant, airy, soft, and compact. 

To keep athletes dry and cool, boxer shorts are composed of premium satin or breathable polyester. The fact that polyester boxer shorts come in sizes to fit men and women is a massive benefit. So, regardless of whether you are training or competing, you can always find a pair that fits your body size the best.

Correct Waistband

The waistband of boxer shorts is its most striking element. They are typically very big and high to take advantage of the “can’t hit below the belt” rule. Therefore, wearing a wider waistband can help to hide or reduce the target area for body punches. 

However, going overboard can feel constricting and uncomfortable. The same is true for a pair of excessively high or low trunks. So, find the shorts with an appropriate balance in your waistline for maximum comfort and usefulness. This would make for a perfect combination with your wholesale boxing gloves. 


You will require some protection if you plan to train with a partner or are preparing for a big tournament. Make sure your shorts have adequate room for you to wear your regular groin/abdomen protection gear. Ensure they aren’t too large, so they fit properly and are comfy.

Shades & Styles

There is a color for every boxer among the variations offered for the boxing shorts. Although they are typically more comfortable when they are darker in color, shades like black, white, gray, and brown may be the best choice if you want the most comfort. 

Since your legs might be swinging through the air, and they will need to be as relaxed as possible to avoid any discomfort, it is crucial that you choose a pair with a style that fits you perfectly. 

Although most of these boxer shorts are produced by leading market companies, you can also get them from online retail stores for extremely affordable costs. 

If you intend to buy some of these shorts for your use, you must select some that are somewhat durable so that you won’t need to purchase new ones after a few months of use.

Wholesale Boxing Gear is a great online boxing gear store with an extensive range of equipment and options for custom-made boxing gloves, which is the demand for most players these days. So you can give them a try for high-quality boxing equipment. 

Types of Boxing Shorts

You should be able to differentiate between the various boxing trunks to select the best one for yourself. Here’s a quick lineup of the different kinds of trunks:

MMA Shorts

Mixed martial arts emphasize combining all of the tactical skills, so grappling and kicking are fair game in this sport. This means that your regular wholesale boxing gear and the standard boxing shorts won’t suffice.  

MMA shorts are the lengthier form of shorts worn by MMA competitors. These shorts are made of a material that blends strength and flexibility and have a lengthy, typically narrow fit around the legs. 

MMA shorts can be made slimmer using modern techniques. Grappling frequently occurs in this sport which is why a proper fit around the waist in the shorts is the most important thing to look for before making a purchase.

Muay Thai Shorts

The Muay Thai shorts are usually manufactured from satin. Thai shorts come in various styles, from extremely simple to incredibly flashy, with some recent manufacturers also aiming for much more modern looks. 

In addition to the classic style, retro Muay Thai shorts have recently become increasingly trendy. The traditional cut of Muay Thai boxing shorts is usually quite low. Thai boxers practice rolling their waistbands to strengthen their flexibility further.

The Muay Thai short’s retro design is becoming increasingly popular. They have a much more square cut and smaller legs, but to maintain the same level of flexibility, they have arched leg slits on both sides. Typically, retro shorts are a little more chic than the standard ones.

It is exciting and stressful to buy your first-ever pair of boxing shorts with many options and types. So keep the above-mentioned factors in mind before deciding which trunks you want to purchase, and you’ll be sorted. 

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