December 10, 2023
usb c cable

 USB-C cable is a unique innovation of modern technology. USB-C is simply known as Type-C Cable and is considered to be the fastest way of data transfer and to power the device with a single cable. It is developed and designed by a group of industry leaders within the electronics community called USB Implementers’ Forum (USB-IF).

What devices use USB-C Cables?

      Currently, almost all devices are using USB-C ports. Wireless mouse, keyboards, speakers, and smart home devices are offering USB-C ports that connect with USB-C cables that allow fast charging and quick data transfer.

Difference between USB-C Cable and USB Cable?

       USB Type-A was the standard edition of cables with its subsets like USB mini-A and USB micro-A. Currently, USB Type-C is rapidly replacing the old USB Type-A cables. USB C cable is a 24-pin double-sided connector with the support of the latest USB standards like USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 USB C cables can also be purchased on online stores like CABLETIME brand.

Features of USB C cables

               USB C cables or Type C cables have following best features over USB Type-A cables;

  •        USB C cables are designed for charging USB C compatible devices.
  •          USB C cables charge your cell phone 20 times faster as compared to any ordinary Type-A cable.
  •          USB C cables offer a fast charging standard (USB Power Delivery). It can deliver 100 watts of power to the device that supports USB C cables.
  •          USB C cables are so designed that you don’t need to be worried about which way you are inserting the cable into the ports.
  •          These cables can deliver Ultra-HD 4K resolution to USB-C & HDMI displays.
  •          This cable usually comes in white color.

3.2 gen USB C cable

           3.2 gen USB C are cables for fast data transfer. The old 3.1 gen versions were capable of 5Gbps and, 10Gpbs data transfer. But with 3.2 gen, USB C cables allow 20Gpbs data transfer. This makes data transfer very easy and obviously fast. Mobile manufacturing companies are now shifting to 3.2 gen data cables. Big brands like Samsung, iPhone and, MacBook have already provided USB C cables with support of the 3.2 gen version. You can also buy these 3.2 gen cables at online stores CABLETIME brand.

             Due to its fast data transfer features and fast charging modes, people like to buy these 3.2 gen, USB C cables. But before buying these USB C cables, please make sure that your device supports these USB C cables. Your adaptor and the cable both should be the same.

Final Words             USB C or Type C cables are the fastest cables so far. These cables allow 100 watts of fast power charging and 20Gpbs data transfer. With 100 watts of power, USB C cables have the capacity to power almost any device. From your smartphones to electronic devices that are supported by USB C technology. You will experience a new world of fastness with USB C cables, especially with the 3.2 gen version. You won’t be worried to go to the market for purchasing USB C cables. You can place your order online at the CABLETIME brand and get your USB C, 3.2 gen cables at your door.

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