February 5, 2023
virtual offices in Atlanta

Mailbox services have been modernized with the advent of virtual offices in Atlanta. As a result, you can now check your mail without going to a physical mailbox. This service is essential for frequent flyers, business travelers, and those with dual citizenship.

Aside from mail receipt, mail service companies like Nexus 1201 offer various other mail-related services. Those who no longer require paperwork may dispose of it. They also offer document destruction, shipment redirection, and package storage. This industry’s service providers allow businesses to outsource their mail processing needs.

Businesses that operate from a distance may benefit greatly from using a virtual mailbox for business. Expats and digital nomads, in particular, rely on these services to ensure that their mail and shipments are always accessible, no matter where they are in the world. So let’s explore this digital marvel some more.

Everything you need to know about obtaining a mailing address for virtual offices in Atlanta

Some of the Best Virtual Mailbox Providers on the Market

Understanding the major players in the mailbox market of virtual offices in Atlanta, GA, will assist you in selecting the best service for your requirements. So let’s take a look, shall we?

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is a cloud-based service that instantly provides 1185 different physical addresses and digital mailboxes. It works on PCs, Macs, Linux, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Mail scanning, package and letter forwarding, and check deposits are among the services offered. The free unlimited online storage is a unique feature of this virtual mailbox. Anytime Mailbox can also deposit your check into your bank account.

It’s a one-stop shop for digital nomads’ mailing needs. This service does not require purchasing or downloading any additional hardware or software because it exists in the cloud. However, to receive notifications about new emails, you must first install the application.

PostScan Mail

With this mailbox service, you can safely and securely monitor and manage mail delivery from anywhere, anytime. The first 30 days of keeping your mail online are free, but there is a small monthly subscription fee.

In addition to forwarding and scanning your mail, it may be held locally so that you can simply walk into the office and pick up any packages or mail waiting for you. You must use PostScan Mail’s online notary service when you sign up for a virtual mailbox.


These mailbox services are available to businesses, digital nomads, Atlanta executive suites, and those working from home. Incfile currently provides mailboxes in 22 different countries.

Letters and large envelopes are the only shipments handled by Incfile; no boxes. We will send payment methods such as bank cheques and credit/debit cards to the designated mailing address. There are no software downloads required; access is granted via the web.

Your email is safe with Incfile because it is encrypted, and only you can access it. Incfile differs from PostScan Mail because it does not offer a physical pickup location.

Traveling Mailbox

Thousands of tourists, ex-pats, individuals, and businesses who use the service are grateful for the opportunity to have a physical street address. Rather than a PO Box, a street address adds a more formal touch.

Using this digital mailbox, mail, shipments, and cheques received at your physical address can be scanned and sent to any global address. In addition, the mobile post office can print deposit slips and deliver your checks to the bank. It’s very easy to use if you have the app.

With Traveling Mailbox, you get free unlimited cloud storage and phone support. In addition, the facility is constantly monitored, so the mail is always safe. Even if your email is encrypted, they will scan it for spam and destroy it.


iPostal1 is a digital mailbox service that includes over 2,000 real street addresses, among other benefits. Access to your mail and parcel management system from anywhere. It may provide a virtual office address and a virtual postal address or company address.

The Virtual Office includes a phone number as an added convenience. Small businesses or individuals working from home can use the virtual office address as if it were a physical location by adding a phone and fax line. This bundle is more expensive than the standard bundle.

iPostal1 has the highest customer satisfaction rate compared to other digital mailbox providers. The Better Business Bureau has given it an A+ rating.

Virtual mailing addresses are typically used for a virtual office in Atlanta that utilizes a 100%-remote or remote-first organizational model that necessitates the usage of a real address to register their company and receive mail. If your organization has a hybrid or scattered office structure, this may already deliver your mail to a physical location.

Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.

What is the function of a virtual mail address?

Virtual mailboxes eliminate the need for paper in the postal mail. Instead, your incoming mail is sorted and scanned using a virtual mailbox, and you obtain a digital copy.

How does a virtual address receive mail?

The first step in receiving mail at your virtual address is to update your address with USPS.

What is the cost of digital mail?

Rates vary according to the popularity of the area and the amenities it provides; therefore, major cities tend to be more expensive than others. 

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