January 29, 2023

Sometimes you need an online store, and we’re happy to help. What do you know about the most important aspect of online shopping? Must be able to verify the authenticity of the webshop.

Many websites will appear. They will try to sell you a good product at a low price. You should always check the website before making a purchase.

Today ComStrelly Reviews brings you information about a new site. You can check the legitimacy and see if it is available in the US.

What is comstrilly.com?

Comstrilly.com is an online global store offering the latest fashion apparel.

You can find accessories like dresses, tops and bottoms, abayas, kaftans and jumpsuits for women and girls.

The site claims that they are the latest trends and bring the best quality and style to every fashion lover.

They have the best products and customer service.

Does it have legal status? Read on to find out the answer to this question.

Comstrilly.com specs

URL: https://www.comstrilly.com/.

Category: Women’s clothing

Site Age: This site was registered on October 13. So the domain date is 10 months and six days.

Email address: service@comstrilly.com

No contact number provided.

Shop Address: Hopewell Center, 183 East Road, Hong Kong

Owner Information: Hong Kong Hai Sin Da Technology Co., Ltd

Return and Refund Policy: Customers can return the order within 14 days of receiving it. The original payment method will be refunded. However, you have the right to cancel the order before the order is shipped.

Shipping: Komstrili Reviews notes that the company offers free international shipping to all countries. Approximate times for your country can be found on the website.

Social Media: Site icons for social media are not useful because they are not linked to official addresses. You can search Comstrilli on Instagram and Facebook to find their official accounts.

Payment Methods: PayPal payments and credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and Maestro are accepted.

Benefits of using Comstrilly.com

Personalized reviews highlight the reasons to shop online from this store.

You can choose from a variety of products.

They provide professional customer support via Facebook or email.

There is no minimum order quantity.

They accept codes and offer discounts.

The product is fashionable.

This site supports the HTTPS protocol.

Cons of using Comstrilly.com

Here’s why you shouldn’t shop on this site:

The site’s domain date is recent.

Poor credibility and image.

Stolen property.

Is Comstrilly true or false?

Legality is the most important aspect of any online shopping site after policy. A buyer should consider these important factors, Is Online Shopping Legal?

Domain age: ten months and six days

Alexa Rank: This website’s Alexa rank is #542,712 for worldwide internet traffic and engagement.

Trust score: This store has a trust score of 1%.

Content plagiarism: The photos and other content on this site have been plagiarized. It means it was copied from other websites.

Owner information provided but incorrect.

Customer Rating: See next section.

Policies reviewed online for customers.

The original version of the address is unknown.

Comstrilly is considered one of the most suspicious websites due to website errors

Company address

The main name and address of the company is called “MELEDO COMPANY LIMITED ” on the “Contact Us” page, which also takes a screenshot of the company name instead of writing the company name directly on the site. In most cases, simply searching for a business address on Google will not uncover scammers. However, there are many problematic websites like Dahai, which operate under MELEDO COMPANY LIMITED. Today, Smallpop, Jomolove, AheadStore6, Eranal, IdealShopy, Ulasion, ArobboOnline, Betramcs, Christmas-SalesToday, NeousStore, TigerTeethStore, Mickickore, CercibaStore, Incharmer, Zenmary, Vinmary This site is not good. I believed it. Therefore, we do not recommend this store for any online store because it uses the same company address as several problematic websites.

Move the content

We have found that the product images used in its product catalogs are not unique, so this website may be copying images from other websites or selling clothes. Most of the content and theme of the website is similar to other similar websites.

Offer discounts and sales

It offers unfair discounts and sales offers on the prices of many of the products it sells. This type of tactic is often used by scam sites to lure people to their sites.

Returns and Exchanges

It has a return and exchange policy and the buyer is responsible for the return cost. The return and exchange policy purchased from them was very unrealistic and cruel. This means that full or partial refunds from dissatisfied customers are almost impossible.

Customer complaints and referrals.

Customer support and delivery time for such websites is also very poor.

International Review –

Basic information and other information about this site is very interesting. However, customers will be disappointed with the prices.

Although there aren’t many reviews and comments on the site, we were able to find some on their Facebook page.

Based on these reviews, the company received 1 out of 5 stars.

Many buyers from the US and around the world have said that this site is a scam and not to be trusted. Many customers did not receive their orders and others received inferior products.


Comstrilli Reviews provided us with all the information we could find about this site.

No matter how tempting it is, you should read reviews before making a final decision.

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