December 2, 2022

Do you want to launch an Amazon business?  Amazon sellers have ups and downs as they build their brands, gain the consumers’ confidence and loyalty, and start making sales in the competitive market. But Amazon selling is might difficult work. 

To compete in the market of Amazon seems really challenging because multiple people are trying to adopt this field.   Therefore, every Amazon seller is aware of the significance of preventing account suspension. It may be terrible for you to receive a warning that your seller account is limited or suspended, and reinstating the account is frequently difficult and complex.

Everyone is curious for the reasons of Amazon account suspensions that give the rise in cancellations of Seller accounts each year.  There are various reasons in case of suspension all you have to do the proper research that what are the reasons of suspension. And if these reasons are avoided then you can easily ease your Amazon work. 

Amazon provides various opportunities for the new users like Amazon drop shipping, Amazon online services.  But don’t worry because there are many other websites which provide the solution for account seller suspension, suspension protection. They don’t neglect the seller’s complications and tend to facilitate by services like ASIN removals, negative feedback removal, and others. The best way is that you should know the suspension reason. So without any further ado, you should learn some basic suspension reasons. 

Hackers of seller account 

This is the first and foremost reason for the suspension. The suspension of many Amazon seller accounts happens as a result of seller account hacking. The number of instances where seller accounts are compromised, bank account information is altered, and money is moved to the hacker’s account has increased. You should avoid them and try to secure your account as much possible as you can. 

Selling avoided product 

Amazon limits the marketplace’s ability to sell a particular class of goods. According to Amazon’s policy, it is strictly forbidden to sell any of the items featured on these pages that are “illegal, dangerous, or otherwise prohibited,” including those that may only be obtained with a prescription. The restricted products that are prohibited from sale on the marketplace have also been listed by Amazon. Additionally, FBA sellers should study the FBA product restriction page, which shows a list of goods that are ineligible for FBA selling.

Wrong complaints 

The most frequent reason for account suspension for Amazon resellers is false complaints. According to Amazon, they take product authenticity concerns extremely seriously, thus when certain customers complain unjustifiably about their purchases, Amazon frequently suspends the seller account with one or more claims of customers without prior notice to the seller.


I hope that in this article you will discover some common reason for the account suspension. If you try to avoid these reasons then you can easily protect your account from getting suspended. Seller has to face these consequences from the start but once the account is secure then nothing to worry about.

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