November 28, 2023

The Xbox 360 is still a very popular console, and gamers  like afk arena tier list around the world are still enthusiastic about it.

There’s that little glitch that comes with consoles, and we’re referring to the fact that games are usually in disc format and that means they can end up getting damaged sooner than we’d like.

To avoid disaster, the solution is to save our games. This can be done using your PC. All you have to do is remove the Xbox hard drive and plug it into your computer, and that’s the hardware approach.

There is also the cable approach which involves connecting your Xbox and PC with a dedicated cable.

Both of these approaches allow users to see their Xbox content as part of their PC’s file system, and then a backup can be made.

There’s also the third solution, and now we’re talking third-party software that can expand your backup and mirroring opportunities.We’ve picked out a few great solutions that will let you backup your favorite Xbox 360 games just to be ready if something awful should happen.

This is probably the most convenient solution for creating backups of your Xbox 360 games.

This solution can extend the mirroring possibilities provided by the Xbox Backup Creator, and we’ll also tell you how it can do that.

Take a look at the best features and benefits of this useful tool:

Handy Backup is a versatile backup solution.

This tool is more than a data retention solution; It is a universal tool which is extremely necessary for any game lover.

The Handy Backup Standard tool edition allows you to automatically backup your Xbox and PC games to any location you can think of to keep your games as safe as possible.

Here are the steps to backup your games:

To back up your Xbox 360 games, make sure the Xbox drive is connected to your PC as an external drive.

Open Handy Backup and invoke a brand new task wizard via the dedicated button on the management panel.

Select the Computer Data Source option and open the Xbox connection.

Choose the eligible data for backing up Xbox 360 games and tick them via checkboxes.

Choose the data storage devices you want for your Xbox backup from the different possibilities that you will be able to see in Handy Backup.

You will also be able to choose other backup options: full, incremental, differential, mixed backup, etc.

Choose to have your task run automatically whenever you connect your Xbox to your computer via a USB cable.

Give your task a name and the creation wizard is complete. Now you can enjoy automatic backup of your Xbox 360 games with this great tool.

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