December 2, 2022

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If your TV is “smart”, I have bad news. It might keep an eye on everything you do and send that information back to the advertiser.

You can prevent this, at least to some extent. Tap or click the settings to change on your TV to stop this privacy invasion.

The same goes for your streaming devices and services. Tap or click to limit tracking via Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Hulu, and more.

After covering your privacy bases, consider your health. Here are some tips to reduce eye strain, neck strain and eye strain.

1. Lighting matters

“You’re going to ruin your eyes!” We all heard it when we were kids sitting in front of the TV, right? Watching TV may not cause lasting vision damage, but it can strain your eyes.

Soft, dimly lit rooms are the best way to watch TV. Open windows, dazzling track lights, and other distracting lighting sources will make your eyes work overtime.

You also don’t need a bunch of fancy smart lighting or gadgets. If you don’t want to go into complete blackout mode, close the blinds, turn off the lights in the house, and stick to incandescent lights instead of LEDs.

Lamps and other lights can cause annoying reflections and glare. Choose an ambient light source obscured by a diffuse dome or lampshade.

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2. Smart formulas know if you’re getting too close

In terms of eye health, you should sit far enough away from the TV so your eyes don’t get too much glare.

Secret formula: Measure the width of the TV and multiply that number by five. This distance is the pitch you should be shooting in your home theater, living room, or anywhere else you have a TV. Now, it’s harder to stick to that formula on bigger TVs.

Other factors like the size of the room, the shape and number of seats you have to configure, and the location of the windows also come into play. Some give or take is good. If you can, aim at least about 10 feet away.

Friends relaxing on sofa in living room and watching movie on tv

Friends relaxing on sofa in living room and watching movie on tv

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3. Check your screen height

Mounting the TV too high or too low can cause eye and neck strain. The most comfortable viewing experience is when you sit with the TV at eye level. So, how to set it up? Use a laser pointer or long tape measure to find your direct line of sight from the best seat in the house.

Have a friend or family member lightly mark the wall with a pencil. If you are working alone, try to remember where to mark hits during the experiment. The center of the TV screen should be where you marked.

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4. Turn down the brightness

Bright, concentrated blue light is harsh on your eyes. That’s why staring at your phone in a dark room can feel so harsh.

Does your TV have a backlight? OLED? What HDR capabilities does it bring? All of these affect optimal brightness. Your eyes will also give you many clues. Do you find yourself squinting when the room is dark? The TV may be too bright.

Check your TV’s owner’s manual or click the settings menu to find Brightness. Don’t rely on just one of the presets. Adjust up and down to see what works best for your space.

Take some time to adjust the color temperature, HDR settings and image saturation.

Your TV settings can hurt your eyes.

Your TV settings can hurt your eyes.

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