December 2, 2022

Value Electronics, an A/V retailer based in suburban New York City, has been in the annual “TV War” for nearly two decades.The shootout traditionally gathers a panel of TV test experts and places them in The best 4K TV Deciding which one is the absolute best — an honor Sony has won this year A95K QD-OLED Model.

With the rise of 8K TVs, the Value Electronics test expanded to include a separate test for the category in 2022, with LG’s Z2 OLED model taking the 8K crown in this year’s shootout.

4K TVs for the 2022 TV Wars:

  • LG G2 Gallery Series OLED
  • Samsung QN95B Quantum Dot Mini LED
  • Samsung S95B QD-OLED
  • Sony XR-A95K QD-OLED (winner)
  • Sony XR-X95K Mini LED

8K TVs in the TV Wars 2022:

  • LG Z2 OLED (winner)
  • Samsung QN900B Quantum Dot Mini LED
  • Sony XR-Z9K Mini LED TV

Value Electronics’ Robert Zohn addresses the 2022 TV Wars participants. (Image source: Value Electronics)

To level the playing field for evaluation, each TV is first adjusted by a professional TV calibrator. The units were then lined up side-by-side with 32-inch Sony professional broadcast reference monitors, with test patterns and regular movie scenes delivered over the video distribution network. This arrangement allows expert participants to evaluate the TVs simultaneously and tabulate their votes to determine the winner of each category.

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