December 2, 2022
Area Rug

Area rugs are among the unique interior décor items to help accentuate your space! Without rugs, life would be much less warm and colorful. They truly bring a space together and can even assist in muffling sounds. But how do you find the proper rug? Rugs are one of the most difficult home purchases to make since they come in so many different sizes, designs, and materials. While there are numerous options for area rugs, there are some things to consider while utilizing them. Keep the following considerations in mind before purchasing an area rug:

Based on the design

You have two major designs to choose from when it comes to area rugs. They are:

  1. A vintage area rug

Vintage area rugs stand out from modern, coastal, and minimalist trends. Scrollwork, floral motifs, borders, and sometimes even medallions are frequent aspects of traditional-style antique carpets. Vintage area rugs are the best design when you want to achieve an elaborate look.

  1. A modern area rug

Modern area rug designs include contrasts, vibrant color choices, and geometric elements. A modern area rug allows you to achieve some linearity and a modern look in your home.

Based on materials used

You may also consider the material used to make your rug while choosing one for you. There are several material types for rugs but the common ones are:

  1. A wool area rug

A wool rug is a unique work of art. They are made of wool and have a thick, loose pile. The negative aspect of these carpets is that the wool may shed over time. Nonetheless, they will provide excellent service.

     2.  Cotton

Cotton is frequently used to make flat-weave carpets. Cotton is less expensive than wool, but it is also less durable and does not feel as rich. Cotton carpets are ideal for living rooms and kitchens.

     3.  Seagrass, Sisal, and Jute

These materials are valued for their longevity and adaptability. Because of their endurance, they are a popular choice for areas with significant traffic. 

Handmade vs. Machine-made

  1. Hand-made rugs

There are various advantages of choosing hand-made carpets versus machine-made rugs. Because hand-woven carpets are created by trained artisans, each one has a distinct design that conveys the tale of the weaver. Those looking for a unique and strong accent for their home might choose a hand-made item. However, they are not as durable as machine-made rugs but the after-care it necessitates adds to its resilience.

  1. Machine-made rugs

Machine-made rugs are usually more durable and practical than handmade ones. However, the durability depends on the material used to make them. Typically, these rugs are constructed from polyester, viscose, or polypropylene. Polypropylene is a highly durable synthetic material that is occasionally used in place of wool. Polypropylene machine rugs are water-resistant and simple to clean. These rugs are ideal for children’s rooms, pet spaces, and high-traffic areas. However, viscose and polyester are not as durable as polypropylene. Machine-made rugs lack the distinctiveness of handmade rugs. Nonetheless, they have become more popular due to their lower cost.

Based on rug size

Just as they come in numerous designs, rugs also come in different sizes. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a rug for your space, you should consider the size. When it comes to anchoring a room design in an open-concept area, a huge rug is typically the best option. Smaller carpets in large areas may undoubtedly be utilized as accents, but don’t go too little.

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