December 2, 2022
Lip Care

Lip Care

Dry lips are not beautiful and are actually entirely unnecessary. It is good to kiss beautiful lips, but what about chapped, dry lips? You can learn how to care for your lips, so they are kissable. After all, we can quickly use so many great lip care products to get a grip on them. This article will give tips to make your dry lips soft, wet, and attractive.

6 Remedy to turn Dry lips into a wet one


Before caring for your lips, you should remove excess skin cells. You don’t need to buy any special cosmetic products for lip peeling – you can easily make a peeling mass from a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of sugar. Gently massage this into your lips to remove the skin cells that make your lips rough. Alternatively, you can gently exfoliate your lips with oil and a toothbrush.

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Home remedies for beautiful lips

Home remedies such as honey, olive oil, marigold ointment, or beeswax cream will help keep your lips supple. It is best to apply these remedies to your lips in the evening. In the morning, they are immediately more tender and soft. Or directly buy a lip balm with the right ingredients.

Drink a lot!

Sufficient and regular drinking is probably the simplest measure against dry lips. Since our lips do not have the oil glands that keep the skin supple, they dry out faster than other parts of the skin. It is, therefore, particularly important for the lips that you drink regularly.

Proper nutrition

One cause of chapped lips can be a vitamin or nutrient deficiency. Especially the lack of vitamin B2 and B12 can lead to cracks at the corners of the mouth and rough lips. Iron and zinc deficiencies also have a negative effect on the lips. So try to eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fish.

Summer lip care

The pigment melanin, which protects the skin against UV rays, is hardly produced in the lips. Good sun protection is therefore very important, especially in summer. Special lip care sticks with a sun protection factor protect the lips from sunburn and prevent chapped lips. We recommend lip care sticks with at least sunscreen SPF 50.

Lip care in winter

In winter, the dry cold takes its toll on the lips. And the change from the cold winter air to the warm room air also puts additional strain on the lips. This is why the corners of the mouth are often torn, and the lips are particularly chapped in winter so that the sensitive skin on the lips needs a lot of care. We recommend lip care for dry lips or a repairing lip balm to protect the lips from cold and drying out.


It is important here that you pay attention to high-quality products that also help the lips in the long term instead of making them dependent. However, if the lips are extremely dry, broken, or even sore in the long term, the whole thing does not remain a visual issue but becomes a health one. Chapped lips allow bacteria and fungus to spread in the skin – and we really don’t want that, right? Better prevention than aftercare .

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