November 28, 2022
texture boxes

Whatever the niche is, brands are facing tough competition. In the ocean of similar products, it is quite difficult to make your product stand out. Here packaging is something that may help in getting out from the crowd. It is the most recommended approach to fight complications and stay in the trend. Designers have understood the need for time and provided a solid solution in the form of texture boxes. These boxes are quality-oriented and drive the consumers directly to the retail shelf. 

Adding patterns and different textures to your product packaging is an excellent approach to accomplishing your desired success. You’re sharing the brand’s story without using words by playing with colors. Colorful packaging boxes contain a hint about the product inside. Designers have worked a lot to make your packaging exclusive. Your product will be noticed by the targeted customers due to its innovative appearance.  

Here we’re going to discuss five trendy and hottest texture boxes designs. You may use different patterns to stand out from the crowd. 

Paper Pulp Texture Design

Paper pulp texture design is used for product packaging that gives a natural and eco-friendly outlook to your products. Companies are using this style on their texture boxes to improve product quality. Its eco-friendly appearance is appreciated by the end-users because it seems to be natural and ensures the product is manufactured with original products. 

Marbling Texture Packaging

Marbling texture design is a technique to give an exclusive and high-class appearance to your product. Designers have worked on this style of texture to make the packaging impressive. Marbling is an old, classy, and unique concept for your product boxes. Colorful marble design on a smooth surface lets the customer feel the packaging. Marbling is a rough pattern. Previously it was found in two colors black and white but now different other colors can also be added according to brand demand.

Topographic Maps

Topographic maps on the product packaging are incredible to gain attention. Designers have introduced this type of texture that comes under the line of art. Topo-themed packaging designs unintentionally get noticed by the customers. Custom texture boxes with these topo-themed designs will encourage the consumers to check out the product. This theme is usually found in the product of the food and beverage industry. Topographic maps come under a unique marketing strategy that needs to be focused on by the production and management to stay trendy according to the need of time. 

Polka Dots Texture

Polka dots is something trendy for a longer time period. It is hard to avoid polka dots because it is the style adopted by several companies. We can see various brands using polka dots on their packaging or product labeling. Texture boxes with polka dots are welcomed by the consumers of almost all industries i.e. food, beverage, and retail. 


Using a texture box with narration means you’re adding fun to your box packaging. Market your brand and share the list of ingredients without using a single word. Just use the images and illustrations on your packaging box. Narratives may work as a pattern and give an elite appearance to the product. It is simply sharing your brand story and letting the users understand your basic storyline. It is trending among businesses to make a strong bridge between the relationship between you and your consumers. 

Bottom Line

Brand reserve the right to identify and use the pattern for their custom texture boxes. These type of boxes are not an ordinary solution but give a classy outlook to your texture packaging. Share the pattern according to product demand and niche requirements for more attention. 

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