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Get an early look at the Google Pixel 6a with this leaked unboxing video

The Google Pixel 6a is officially available now, but it won’t be available to buy until July 28. If you want to pass the time until then, an unboxing video of the phone has leaked from one of Google’s official channels on YouTube.

as found Reddit (pass 9to5Google), this unlisted video Provide us with a phone guide to Google Retail Training France. Whether Google will allow it to be discovered now remains to be seen.

We certainly already know what the Pixel 6a will look like, but this video gives us some interesting hands-on footage and shows off the device’s packaging. We also took a look at the fingerprint sensor, which appears to be fast enough (it apparently uses a different component than the sensor in the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro).

Spec appeal

The Google Pixel 6a’s first official debut will be at Google IO in 2022, though there’s still a lot we don’t know about the mid-range phone. Priced at $449 / £399 / AU$749, pre-orders will open in select regions on July 21.

Google says the phone will use a 6.1-inch, 1080 x 2400-pixel OLED screen with a punch-hole for the selfie camera. Although the screen refresh rate is capped at 60Hz, the always-on display option is still supported.

We also know that the Pixel 6a will feature dual-lens rear cameras (12.2MP f/1.7 main and 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide) and an 8MP selfie camera. The 4,410mAh battery charges at a 30W rate and, according to Google, lasts more than a day.

Analysis: High hopes for the Pixel 6a

At first glance, these mid-range versions of Google’s flagship phones are sure to be winners: the best of affordable, more expensive phones, plus all the benefits of Google services’ tight integration with Android. Put on your Pixel phone.

Since 2019’s launch of the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, though, the line of phones has had a bit of a hit and miss. The Google Pixel 5a didn’t overwhelm us, it’s actually only been released in the US and Japan.

Based on what Google has told us so far, though, hopes are high for the Pixel 6a. Not everyone needs the best smartphone components, and for many, the upcoming mid-range phone should be perfect for them.

It’s worth noting that the Google Pixel 7 is three months behind the Pixel 6a — we were quite surprised when we got a brief official glimpse at it at Google IO 2022. Some smartphone buyers may be waiting to see what the 2022 flagships have to offer before pulling out the cash.

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