April 24, 2024

It’s Thursday again. No surprise there. Thursday is usually after Wednesday and we are just one of them. Soon it will be Friday. Soon it will be the weekend, then another week, then another Thursday.

Wordle will always be with us, with just over six years of 5-letter answers left to solve everyday word puzzles. It’s kind of crazy to think about it!

Wordle officially launched last October, but the first Wordle word of the day was actually released on June 19, 2021, the day before my 40th birthday. Wordle #1’s first answer is “cigars”.

That means we’re actually only a month away from the game’s anniversary on June 19, 2022 (and about a month away from my 41st birthday!).

Anyway, today we’re on Wordle #334. Let’s take a look at the hints and answers, shall we?

Today’s Wordle #334 Answers and Tips

Of course, there are spoilers for the daily Wordle word answers and tips in this post. A spoiler is a hint. A spoiler is the answer. This creates two – two spoilers! a ha ha ha!

Tip: The type of house you probably shouldn’t throw things in.

the answer is. . . .

According to Wordle, my first guess is a “great opening line” (if still not as good as crane, as always).generally flare Reduced possible solutions to 98, but reduced them to 26 today.

plant is a “solid choice” and narrows down the possible solutions to only nine, but when Wordle Bot told me this, it didn’t sound very enthusiastic. claim It’s just “pretty good” despite reducing the possible solutions to just two.guess class Would have been better – apparently in hindsight! – but I want to eliminate letters as much as possible, a word with a double ‘s’ seems like a bad idea.

At this point, your humble narrator doesn’t know, and there are only two solutions left, which I guessed wrong. reduce was “unfortunate, but a smart guess” and it narrowed my remaining solutions down to just one: grass.

By the way, this is a really scary M. Night Shyamalan movie.I really like it unbreakable and think that Split Pretty good too, but gosh, gosh, he screwed up the third movie in that kind of trilogy. Just a huge miss.

Anyway, have a great Thursday, oh my Wordlers! See you tomorrow!

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