December 2, 2022

Apple has Announce Updates to their subscription policy should automatically renew seamlessly, but may also result in unexpected charges. Under the old policy, the tech giant would require users to opt-in before paying for subscriptions that have recently raised prices. Going forward, however, it will allow developers to automatically charge higher prices as long as they meet a set of conditions. Apple will notify users of price increases in advance via email and push notifications, but it is up to them to cancel the subscription before being charged.

The company said in the announcement that developers can use the feature if they don’t increase the price more than once a year. Additionally, the increase cannot exceed $5 and 50% of the current subscription price, or $50 and 50% of the current annual subscription price. Presumably, this means that users will automatically be charged $15 for their previous $10 subscription. However, they will have to opt for a $30 sub, which used to cost only $20, because while that’s 50% higher than the old price, it’s also much more than $5.

Apple said users often miss prompts asking them to choose a higher subscription price, which disrupts their service. If so, they may also miss notifications about price increases. Since developers can only use the feature if they don’t change the price once a year, unscrupulous players won’t be able to take advantage of the system at least by frequently raising the price by a few dollars or so. Still, people on a tight budget may want to check their email from time to time to make sure they’re not being charged more than they can suddenly pay.

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